Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Year 5's Spectacular Picnic

On Thursday the year 5's had a very amazing picnic. We had groups and our group was called Jabbawockanators. Don't you think that is a strange name. We had all the food in the class. The food was tempting me to have a bite but luckily I resisted it. Rooms 15,14 and 16 went to the bottom field and we had lots of fun playing the following games that are Midnight,T Ball,Touch and Soccer. It was a really fun day. The first game that I played was touch. When I knew that I was playing touch

I said"Yay that is cool I love this game". The reason that I liked touch was because I am speedy and I can get past people on the outside. We had to get into groups of five. The people that I was with was Miracle,Matthew R,Shawn,Toko and Me. The rules were that if someone scores once you win. We were the first people to play. We played Sifa's team. Suddenly........... the ref who was Jarna's mum said that we could get into teams of ten. I said in a loud voice"Awesome". But then things started to not go right and the ref said"This is too hard just get back into groups of five. I said"Its a celebration wait wait wait what oohhhhh". We played Jarna's team and guess what we LOST. Because they got around the outside. I mumbled in a sad voice"Damn that stinks we lost". We were waiting for our turn and when it was our turn guess what Ms Squires called us up. I said"Wow that is the second bad thing that has happened to me".

They called us back so that we could do another activity. I still wanted to play touch because I like that game. The next activity I went to was T-Ball. I reckon that it would of been cool playing T-Ball. I was the captain of one side and Lewis was the captain of the other side. My side wanted to field first so I went with there suggestion. It was fun. The person that was running the game was Ms Nada. As soon as everyone in the other team had finished batting I thought that it was our turn but we had the rules all mixed up. By the way talking about rules she forgot to tell us what they were. So Ms Nada just said"Switch over" and we did. I was the second person to bat out of my team. I looked in the sky and I imagined in my mind that the blue sky was saying in a cheerful voice"Hit the ball to me". But I ignored my thought and hit it like it was my last chance for life. It went over Nikora's head and slammed to the ground like a sledge hammer hitting it. I ran as fast as I could so that I could get to bass and the result for the run was.......SAFE. I said in my mind a loud cheerful cheer,I said"YEAAAHHH THAT'S RIGHT I MADE IT TO THE FIRST BASS YEAH". Then a huge hit came from Jeyan and off I went. I shot off like a bullet and ran as fast as a man having a showdown with another man but with guns. And guess what I made it to the THIRD BASS. I ran past the second bass because the other team did not regather the ball yet. And the final hit which sent me for a HOME RUN.

After it had finished we got back to our lines and got ready to travel back to class. When we were heading back the sky was as grey as some cats. It looked like it was going to rain so we quickly rushed back to class so that we could miss the rain. Who can guess what is next......... I will tell you it is time to EAT. We got all our food ready on our tables and I said in my mind with a joyful voice"LETS EAT". We all started to eat and our group brought some very delicious food for example e.g Popcorn,Farmbake Cookies,Huge cookies,Pizza Bread and all kinds of other stuff. Everyone was enjoying there lovely,delicious feast. When it was lunch time we had to pack our lovely food away so that we could play. I did not want to play. Miss Squires said"Just take hand fulls". I said"Yeah Awesome". I grabbed a hand full of pop corn then cleaned uyp the table once the food was gone and packed away.

I enjoyed playing and eating at our fun and spectacular picnic. The game that I liked playing was T-Ball and the food that I liked eating was the popcorn. I hope you can go to a picnic and enjoy your one to like the year 5's did.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Roy Jones Jr

This boxer named Roy Jones Jr is one strong boxer. He is an eight time champion and to me he is one of the best boxers because of his styles of boxing. When he gets knocked down he will always try and get back up to his feet. He has been in matches with old boxers like Muhammad Ali and the Overcomer Evander Holyfield also the machine fighting Sonny Liston. He has a big match coming up against the modern favourite Danny Green. Roy Jones Jr has one of the most powerful boxing hands ever known. His skills is unmatchable to Danny Green. I think that he is going to win the fight against Danny Green. He is unstoppable somtimes when he is on fire.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Jonathan Thurston

Jonathan Thurston is a very fine player. He plays for the North Queensland Cowboys,Queensland,Australia. He is the kicker and he is a very good kicker. He is also one of those fast runners. I like him for his excellent kicking skills,his agility and his very good stepping skills. Jonathan Thurston has attempted to kick from very far away places. Sometimes he could even get them over if he was lucky. In the Grand Final of the Four Nations tournament he was the player of the day. He did a very good intercept. I reckon that Jonathan Thurston will go far with his excellent kicking tactics. He does very good scores and can do one of the best drop goals and chips over the top. This is why Jonathan Thurston is recognized by me, this is why I wrote about the brilliant,great kicking Jonathan Thurston

Acrostic poem about Greg Ingles

Great player and he will go far with his marvellous runs
Runs like the wind and has brilliant tries
Every time he gets the ball he can be as dangerous as a bear hunting its prey
Guides people and tells people to run with him

I think he is one of the best players in the world
Never gives up he always tries to offload
Greg Ingles is a hard running indestructive man
Loves to get the ball and run like a beast
Even if he would get tackled out he will still get back up and hit that dude hard
Sometimes he will hit people like a train who is going to run a person over

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rumpelstiltskin movie

Hi everyone last term I did a movie about Rumpelstiltskin. If you want to watch it again you can.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Immersion Assembly for term 4

In the morning when we first got to school my mind was thinking and said"What is the topic for this term". I did not mind what it was but I know that the staff would make a good one.

The bell for eight fifty rang and everyone went back to class. When we got to the hall.We were the first ones to get there. Then all the other classes came in. 

Mr Burt,Cruz and Sam were cooking chicken wings and sausages. Mr Burt said that they were the BBQ boys and they said"Whoever is being good will get a sausage and if you are the bomb you will get a chicken wings".I said to myself"This terms topic must be about food again".Then after a while he said"The topic for this term is food glorious food

It was time for team ones item. We were wondering what they were doing. Until they said"We are the rock cafe and we rock. They got some sausages from the BBQ and handed out the sausages to people who were sitting up nicely. We had lots of fun.

When team three came up they were very crack up. They were dressed as Mexicans and the were wearing sanbreros and were abot to play a game of whack a pinyata. The game started and Miss Mac'kinaly and Miss Walters were the ones who were whacking the pinyata Miss Lavakula was holding the stick for the pinyata. They stopped hitting the pinyata and just opened the pinyata with their bare hands. Miss Garden said"These children are stronger than you two".

After a while Mr Burt turned on the music and all the  classes started to move out of the hall. This terms topic looks pretty cool.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was of the of the greatest boxers to ever live. Muhammad Ali has been the heavyweight champion three times. Once Muhammad Ali was in jail because the government ordered him to go and fight in the war. But Muhammad Ali refused to go to war and that is why he got chucked in jail. Before he got chucked in to jail he was hardly touched in his professional career. Aftert he got out of jail he started getting hit heaps of times. In nineteen eighty he was challenging some body in Las Vegas when Ali got T.K.Oed. That was when Muhammad Ali was forced to end his career. That is the story of Muhammad Ali

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Woodstocks Fight of the Century Tua vs Cameron

On October 9 I watched the fight of the century. When it was on I was so excited. It was David Tua vs Shane Cameron in a 12 round match. I especially like the build up to the match .

Both contenders got into the ring and  they started to fight. In the first minute It was looking like a very close match but after the second minute David Tua was beating Shane Cameron up. Shane Cameron looked like he was just a punching bag.After the first round Shane Cameron was so tired and did not block that much that David Tua smashed Shane Cameron in the first round. It looked like David Tua was the terminator and pummeled him very good. After their break the came back to fighting it was the second round. It was time to make Shane Cameron devastated with a mean left hook to the cheek. David Tua hit Shane Cameron with a mean left hook and Shane Cameron was down. Lets count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. The bell rang . Here's your new champion David Tua. There was a huge celebration. The crowd was going wild. So the winner was DAVID TUA!!!!! Most boxers are afraid of the Tuamanator David Tua he is invincible and fro his next match He will be challenging a surprise guest. See you then.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My top 5 favourite Dragon Ball Z people

The person that I like most ni Dragon Ball Z is the one and only Broly the legendary super saiyan. The next person that I like is also strong he is GOKU!!. The third person that I like is Super saiyan 13. The forth person that I like is the son of Vegeta Super Trunks and finally the last person that I like is someone is also strong but not my favourite person he is the indestructive force he is FRREEEEZZZAAA in his final form

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bryan Habana

My favourite player in Rugby is Bryan Habana. He is one of the fastest palyers in the rugby history. He has scored 35 tries out of his own career. He is the fastest out of my favourite team in the Tri Nations the Springboks. Bryan Habana has played many games through out his career. He has scored osme of the best tries. He has got a try by intercept,run and kick off. He also plays for this years winners of the super 14 the Bulls. He scored two tries in the game against the Chiefs. Bryan Habana's position in the Sprinboks is wing and in the Bulls his position is also wing. He is the one and only BRYAN HABBAANNAA!!!!! 

My best team in the Tri Nations

My favourite team in the Tri Nations is the Springboks. They are the top team ni the Tri Nations so far because they have only lost once. They have lost to the Wallabies at the Wallabies home ground. They have never been defeated by the All Blacks. They are the favourites to win the Cup. If the Springboks beat the All Blacks this weekend the mighty Springboks will become the BLENISLOW CUP CHAMPIONS!!!!!! but if the Springboks lose they do not win the Blenislow Cup. They are the best team in the Tri Nations. The South African team will win they are the mighty SPRING BOKKKSSSSS!!!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cross country

When I was getting ready to stand up everyone was already up and going to the start line. I was anxiously awaiting for the race to start. As I was saying to myself "I can do it" I heard a voice say"On your marks,get set"and BANG!! the clapper sounded. All the racers were powering ahead but Sampson and I were ahead of the other racers. We were jostling for position. I just got ahead of him and I was ahead.

Then I started to lack energy and people were getting past me. Then I started losing my position. By the time I had reached Ms Tito many about six people were in front of me. I started to lack some more energy and people that were behind me were catching up. But I said to myself"Even though the people that are in front of you are well and truly ahead of you do not give up and keep trying" so I did not give up I kept going. I had just gone past the gate and nearly finished the race.

I felt like I was going to pass out while I was running but did'nt I kept running. I said to myself"Run like the wind Matthew because you sre almost there".I listened to myself and got past ther finish line. I was so tired that I did not want to walk anymore.

The Cross country was cool this term. I can't wait for the next cross country.

My favourite team for 2009

My favourite team in league for 2009 is the Dragons. The full name is St George Illawarra. One of the best players that I like in their team is Ben Hornby,Jamie Soward and Wendell Sailor. They are all very good players. They are on the top. Even though the Dragons did lose to the Paramata eels I still like them. The Dragons are not out of the competition yet because they are on the top and the top team gets two chances. The Dragons have won against heaps of people and they deserve to be on the top. They are one of the best teams in the NRL. I hope they win the Telstra Premiership. Anyway if they don't win  the Dragons have already got the minor premiership. The Dragons are who I like. They are th ST GEORGE DRAGONS ILLAWARRAAAA

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Daniel Carter

A person in the All Blacks that I like is Daniel Carter. He is one of the best drop goalers. I like him because he has good kicking abilitys. He also plays in the teams Canterbury and the Crusaders. Dan Carter has been playing in the All Blacks for many years now and he has played for the Crusaders and Canterbury for a while aswell. He is the man. He is DANIEL CARTER!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shane Cameron

Another person that I like in boxing is Shane Cameron. He has to defeat the Tuaminator on October the 3rd. He has won the heavy weight championship a couple of times. He has defeated heaps of people. He has beat them knockout and by decision. He might be stronger than the champ David Tua only if he can knock him out or win by a decision.  He has been boxing like a champ lately. Shane Cameron is a young champion. He looks like he is in his 30's . He is SHANE CAMERON!!

Jin Kazama

My favourite person in Tekken is Jin Kazama. He is the son of Kazuya Mishima. I like hiom because of his moves. They are really strong. He will one day be over come by devil jinpachi and he will be named Devil Jin. Jin is one of the best people in Tekken. His grandfather is Hehachi Mishima because that is who Kazuyas Dad is. He is very powerful when he turns into Devil Jin. That form is one of the strongest forms in Tekken. He is JIN KAAAAZZZAAMA!!!

David Tua

My favourite person in boxing is David Tua. He is really good at boxing. He has stood up to mostly everyone who got in his way. He has a huge match coming up. He has to beat the young Shane Cameron. Everyone calls that match the fight of the century. He sometimes mocks people. He is one of the strongest heavyweight competitors. He has held the heavyweight championship many times. He has a nickname called the Tuaminator. He is a samoan and he is DAVID TUUAAAAAA!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Super Vegeta

A person I like in Dragon Ball Z is Vegeta in a form that is called Super Vegeta. THat si my favourite form of Vegeta. He is very staunch and strong and he looks really bolky. Super Vegeta might be as strong as Goku's normal form. He has a son called Trunks. Trunks can evolve into Super Trunks like Vegeta. Vegeta has a wife that's name is Bulma. She has a really funny name. Super Vegeta is one of the best people I like. HE IS SUPER VEGETA!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My blog Wordle

On Wednesday at extension Ms Burt taught us how to use Wordle. It is very cool to learn about this.  As you can see I have already made one Wordle. The word that I used the most was Shadow, the next one is Goku and Broly. I like both Goku and Broly. (You should click on the word Wordle above so you can try and create your own Wordle).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Goku is another person that I like in Dragon Ball Z. He is very strong to defeat the legendary super saiyan Broly. Goku has the power to defeat heps of bad people.Goku can do a 50 times kaoken and that si when he is very powerful.He can do a very powerful move called kamehameha.He can do a 50 times Kamehameha. Thhat is how he destroyed Broly once. He is a super saiyan that's name is Goku.

My Favourite Dragon ball Z person

My favourite Dragon Ball Z person is Broly. He is the legendary super saiyan. I like him because he is one of the strongest saiyans. He can destroy heaps of people. He can destroy Piccolo and Vegeta and even Goku. He is the strongest legendary saiyan to live. Even though Broly got deafeted by Goku he si still the best. When someone tries to punch him it won't do any damage to the legendary saiyan. He is the one and only Broly. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shadow the Hedgehog

My favourite Sonic character is Shadow the Hedgehog. There is a game that is called Shadow the Hedgehog. He can evolve into Super Shadow.He looks cool when he evolves. He is the strongest when he evolves with Sonic to make Super Dark Shadow Sonic. Shadow has a team called Team Dark. He is the leader of Team Dark.In it is Omega the robot and a bat girl. Shadow and Sonic are brothers. Shadow is one of the strongest Hedgehogs. He is Shadow the Hedgehog

My best friend Lepa

My best freind is Lepa. We  have been friends for two years. His favourite colour is blue and my favourite colour is blue and red. He is the second fastest in the year fives. When we had fights we always get over it. That is how we always be best friends. He plays rugby league for the Mt Wellington Warriors and  I play for Otahuhu Leopards. 

Monday, August 17, 2009

Brett Stewart

Brett Stewart is another person that I like. He was so good in league that he got a nickname thta was called the viper. He got that because he is so dangerous that he could even score a try from his 22 meter mark. He is very fast and he is one of the best players in the Manly Sea Eagles. Once he was banned from league for 4 weeks for drinking too much beer. Brett Stewart was getting interviews with the one news and three news. He use to be my favourite rugby league player but now he is just my favourite player in the Manly Sea Eagles. The position he is in Manly is fullback. He is a very good fullback for Manly Sea Eagles.
Thank you for these photos from the website

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eminem the rapper

Eminem is one of the best rappers in the world and in fact he is the king of rap. He is known all around the whole wide world. I am think he earned the king of rap award. I sort of like but I am not a big fan of him. One of his albums I like is Beautiful and Crack a bottle. Crack a bottle includes Dr Dre and 50 cent. He has sung with many rappers. He has really good albums. I do think that he is one of the best rappers though. All hail the king of rap Eminem!!  Thanks for the pictures that are from the website

Acrostic poem about Michael Jackson

Made heaps of albums
Is the best singer to me
Career was very good
He is a very talented singer
Always the king of pop
Entertains the crowd
Loves every single one of his fans

Join him and be a fan of him
Always remember him because he died
Cry is one of his best albums
King of pop
Singing is his thing
Of course he is one of the best singers in the world
Never backs down from singing 
Thank you to the website for this photo.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Getting ready to play at Mt Smart

On Tuesday at my training our coach and manager said that we are going to play at Mt Smart and they said that we are playing Taranaki. They said that straight after our game at Mt Smart we are going to watch the Titans game. As soon as I heard that I felt like I was going to explode with excitement. I always like playing at Mt Smart because I like honoring the Warriors ground. It feels really cool. I can not wait to see the Warriors vs the Titans. I hope the Warriors smoke the Titans. I hate the Gold Coast Titans. We were training extra hard on Tuesday because we are playing two games in the weekend. On Saturday we are vs Manurewa at Manuerwa's home ground and on Sunday we are vs Taranaki at Mt Smart. This is going to be a cool weekend. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Immersion Assembly of Term 3

On Monday when I walked into the hall I could see people dressed in fairytale costumes. I saw Mr Palmer dressed up in a Shrek costume and I could see Ms Squires dressed as the Pied piper. She was holding a stink,hairy rat.

It was ourn Immersion assembly for term 3.As soon as it started with our school gathered in the hall Mr Burt was dressed in some fancy clothes. He was a prince and he was calling out'Where is my princess' because he wanted to marry her. He was holding the glass slipper of the princess.

Every single teacher was coming up to tell us clues about who they were. But when Mrs Tele'a came up she gave us a challenge. She said that we had to talk to her lovley magic camera to tell her why she was holding an apple,a mirror and a heart. When I saw Ms Tito in her costume witch was the ginger bread man costume I did not recognize who that teacher was. I was guessing for ages in my mind then I realized it was a new teacher. Just then I saw Miss Garden dressed as Cinderella and she was wearing a flouncy frilly dress that had a flowing train. She had a photo of Brad Pitt on a broomstick. Cinderella also had ugly sisters and they were fighting over the picture of Brad Pitt. Then as they were fighting Cinderella let the two sisters fight over the picture of Brad Pitt and went with the prince Mr Burt.

This is going to be a cool term. The topic for this term is The art in story telling.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dinosaur Information Report

The name of the dinosaur I am studying is the Tyrannosaurus-Rex. The short name is T-Rex. The T-Rex is a bipedal carnivore and its order is saurischia lizard hipped. The name T-Rex means tyrannt-lizard. The T-Rex lived in the Late Cretaceous about 70 million years ago and the countries it was located in was North America and Asia and Mongolia. The length of the T-Rex is 12 metres long that is also 40 feet long and the T-Rex weighed 8 tonnes or you could say 8 tons.


The T-Rex is a meat eater so that means it eats meat. It would mostly eat Hadrosaurs. The T-Rex would wait until the Hadrosaurs gathered in a group and then it would eat the flesh out of the Hadrosaurs. It was one of the deadliest meat eaters out of the dinosaur history. T -Rex was known by every dinosaur. It was so vicious when it came to eating another dinosaur. It would mostly eat the flesh and bones.


The T-Rex was located in North America Asia and Mongolia. It would live on dry land or it would live by water or swamps. The T-Rex would travel to other countries though but it was mostly found in the countries North America Asia and Mongolia.


All the dinosaurs were extinct from a meteorite. Well that is what scientists say. Some other scientists say that they were extinct from a bad disease that spread across the world or they got extinct from a dinosaur that was sick and the dinosaur that was sick would spread it's germs to other dinodaurs and they get infected and all the dinosaurs fell to the ground and they were extinct. But I think that a meteorite hit the Earth and spread dust all over the Earth. That is how I think the dinosaurs were extinct.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All about Darren Lockyer

A player I like is Darren Lockyer.

He is a rugby league player and he plays for the Broncos.He is a kicker for the Broncos.Also he is a very good chipper.Darren Lockyer has been in the Broncos for many years.He plays in North Queens Land.He is one of the Broncos finest.Also he is the captain of the Broncos.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My favourite tag team

My favourite tag team is DX.

The people who are in it are Shawn Micheals and Triple H. Shawn Micheal's move is sweet chin music and Triple Hs move is pedigree. They were a very strong tag team. The real name of the tag team is D generation X but, everyone calls them DX. But they are not a tag team any more.

My second favourite superstar

My second favourite superstar is Batista 

Batista's finisher move is Batista Bomb.He is also a former WWE.He is in hospital because his arm is broken.He lost the WWE championship on RAW to Randy Orton.He comes from Washington DC.His nickname is the "Animal".He is a former World heavyweight champion too.

My favourite superstar

My favourite superstar is Triple H

He is a former WWE champion. His nickname are the king of kings. His finisher move is the pedigree. He is in a rivalry with Randy Orton . Triple H is a smackdown superstar.He was in hospital but now he is not.He got punted by Randy Orton and went to hospital.He will be WWE champion.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My favourite player in league

My favourite player in league is Stacy Jones.

I like him because of his kicking skills.He does good little chips and big bombs.Sometimes when he kicks he does chips over peoples heads and he can score.After three years he came back to play for the Warriors.He is quite small and has short hair.He is known as a very good kicker and he is known around the world.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Rainbows End

On Sunday my sister Nadia,Tim,Nadia's friend,her niece and I
went to Rainbows end.It was going to be a cool day.

Straight away I wanted to go on the fear fall but we had to go on something else beacause my Sister said that we should choose a ride that we can all go on first.
The first ride we went on was the bumper cars.When we got to the bumper cars there was a whole lot of people waiting in line to have a go.We had to wait about 10 minutes until finally it was our turn.I was so excited after waiting so long.We had to drive anti-clockwise. I thought that we could drive anywhere. When that came to my mind I thought that was stink. But anyway I just had to go with the fact that we had to do that. Finally we went on.I was on the blue car and it had my favourite number on there and that was number 7. After a while we had to go off. I was excited because we were going to the fear fall.

Then when my Sister went innthe wrong direction I asked her 'Where are we going' and she said 'To the roller coaster'. I said 'ooooohhhhhhhh'. So after a while of traveling we were there. It felt so good to get off my legs and sit down on a chair. So we went on the roller coaster and there was hardly any people in the line. So that was cool. We were getting ready to go on until a little boy came and hopped on and then he complained to his Dad so his Dad had to take him off. I said to myself 'Finally'. We were going up then it went so slow that I thought that it stopped and something was wrong with it. But it went speeding down. I was waving my hands in the air when it stopped I kept complaining to go on again. But then I realized that I wanted to go on the fear fall. So we hopped off and went to the fear fall.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            There was only one person that was waiting in the line. Then a man came out of the door and told us to follow him to the fear fall. We were getting buckled up in our seat belt and then went higher higher into the sky. Then after waiting I was just going to say something then the fear fall dropped. I could not even scream. I did not know why that happened.

After that we were going to get something to eat and drink and then the shops just closed. So we went outof rainbows end and waited for our car to come. I had lots of fun.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Warriors vs Tigers

On Sunday at three thirty at Mt Smart I watched the Warriors vs the Tigers.It was very exciting news.

'The game is on'I said.I was cheering for the tigers. The Warriors kicked off. At the 5Th tackle they passed the ball to Benji and he kicked the ball past twenty metres. Then Wade Mc'kinon caught the ball.It was a beautiful catch.The first try was scored by the Warriors,Kevin Lock.Ropati did a beautiful pass to Kevin Lock.Then Lock cut inside and scored.It was a good try by Lock.After a couple of minutes it was half time.The score was 10-0.The Tigers are losing.The game came back on.The Warriors and the Tigers got a chat to their coach.

Then the Warriors came out and the Tigers came out of the hole and they started playing again.

The  Warriors kicked off and the Tigers got the ball.On the last tackle the Tigers nearly scored but thanks to Wade he knocked the ball dead. The Warriors had really good defence then. After a couple of minutes later the Tigers nearly scored again but... Thanks to Wade again for knocking the ball dead. Then in the last couple of minutes Locke scored again. Kevin Locke was having a magnificant game. Then when the Ref called for full time the Warriors won 16-0. 

What a win for the Warriors.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Teeth as sharp as carving knives.
Years ago they lived.
Ripping out its preys skin.
A huge powerful meat eating monster.
Now the T-Rex is extinct.
Never backs out of a fight.
One of the biggest predators to walk the earth.
Some dinosaurs are scared of the T-Rex.
A loud dinosaur heard across the land.
Unbelievable the T-Rex weighs more than a rubbish truck
Researching the T-Rex was interesting.
Ugly looking dinosaur.
Stomps around like Big Foot.

Raging dinosaur that eats hadrosaurs.
Extinct from a meteor.
X-ray a live T-Rex and you will see heaps of bones.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chiefs vs Bulls

On Sunday I watched the replay of the Chiefs vs Bulls.It was a very cool game.I was going to cheer for the Chiefs but I cheered for the Bulls.

The Bulls kicked off and the Chiefs caught the ball.Richard Kahui had a good run.The Chiefs scored first.The Bulls kicked off and the halfback Dupree scored.He ran it up and bumped off someone and scored.The Chiefs kicked off and the halfback scored again.When it was half time, the score was 47-7. The Chiefs kicked the ball and Bryan Habana scored a try in about 20 minutes into the second half. Then Morne Stein got the conversion. Then Stephen Donald kicked the ball and it went to the halfback. When the halfback ran with the ball, he made 20 metres by running straight and hard. When he got tackled, he managed to off load the ball to the winger who scored a try. Once again Morne Stein got the conversion. The Bulls were celebrating their try that put them into a high score of 61 points. There was only five minutes of play left. The Chiefs never let another try in. The final score was 61 to the Bulls and 17 to the Chiefs. I really enjoyed watching the Bulls beating the Chiefs.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lepa's Birthday

On May the 16th at 6 o clock I went to Lepa's birthday.We had to bring 10 dollars. Jonty came but Jeyan and Shawn were not there.Lepa,Starford,Jonty and I went upstairs and played ghost recon on the x box 360.

Lepa and Starford started playing first.Lepa died first and handed the controll over to Jonty.Then Lepa said 'Lets go see Shawn'.So we asked if we could go to Shawn's house.Lepa's Mum said yes.BJ 'Lepa's little brother' wanted to come too but he could not find his shoes.So I piggie banked him.We walked to Shawn's.When we got to Shawn's house his Mum said that he was at his Dad's.But she gave us his Dad's Number and then we went home.While we were walking a man told us to go home.So he went inside and Lepa shouted 'YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME'and we ran as fast as we could back to Lepa's house.When we got there I was tired like an Olympic runner running for 300 metres.Lepa gave the phone number to his Mum and she rang Shawn's Dad.We went upstairs and Starford and Jonty were still playing ghost recon.Lepa and I started playing the game.Then Lepa's Mum said that Shawn can come.But while we were waiting we went to see if Jeyan was home.We went in the car.

We were at Jeyan's house but the lights were turned off and we turned around.Lepa said'That's stink that Jeyan is not home'.So we went back home.Lepa and I called everyone upstairs to come downstairs so that we could have a snack.On the table was cookies,pizza,sausage rolls and cake but we had to wait until Shawn came so that he could have some too.After 10 minutes Shawn came.I said'Yay'.We were allowed to have cake.It was a chocolate cake.When I first bit into the cake it was so delicious.We put our cake into the fridge because we were full.So we went to tenpin bowling.I was excited.I had 2 dollar's to spend at the arcade.I spent my money on Time Crisis 4.While the others were getting their shoes on I finally died.It was my turn to bowl.I was frustrated.When I bowled I did my best.But I only knocked 5 pins down.I said'I stink'but I still tried my best.Then I only knocked down 2 pins.I said'ohh'.I went to the arcade and I pretended that I was on the motorbike and I was driving it.It was Lepa's turn to bowl.So I hopped off and I watched Lepa's bowl.After that bowl he was winning.I was third.After a while we had 3 bowls left.The time had gone fast like a lightyear.Jonty had got 4 spares in a row and he was winning.But Nesha(Lepa's big sister)was in the lead when she got a strike.I was 5th now.Lepa was coming last.We only had one more bowl.When I did my last bowl and I got 8 pins down but the problem was that it was a split.I was annoyed because if it was not a split I had a chance to have a spare.When Starford bowled the game was over.Nesha came 1st,Jonty came 2nd,Shawn came 3rd,Starford came 4th,I came 5th and Lepa came last

After that we played laser strike.That was the best thing that I wanted to do.Shawn,Jonty,Lepa,Starford and I went to play laser strike.But first we had to watch this movie about how to play lazer strike.I was the colour orange for the game.I felt very cold.When I was running I ran into the smoke and I started coughing like mad. As I was coughing someone shot me from behind. When I turned around it was Shawn. When I ran away, I ran like a bullet being fired. I really enjoyed the laser strike. We all got a piece of paper for our points and I won that round. I had two thousand points which made me a wizard.

Back at Lepa's house we grabbed the cake from the fridge and ate it upstairs in Lepa's room. We told funny stories. We told your momma jokes. Jonty came up with the funniest jokes. We were having a great time.We borrowed the lamp from Nesha and when we turned the lamp on,Lepa looked at it and it broke.We started laughing when it broke.After a while we went into our beds and told scary stories.Starford told some scary stories.He told baby boy and drip drop.They were pretty scary stories.After that we went to bed.It was a cool as birthday that I enjoyed.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rugby League Game for Otahuhu Leopards

On one shivery Saturday morning at 10 o clock we played against Manurewa at Mt Richmond Domain. I was early and some other people were too and they were practising their kicking.
I like challenging Manurewa because they are hard.

When I got down to my team mates the coach (my Dad) came and we had to train. It looked like it was going to pour down until the sun came out. We had to practise our passing drills. Finally the ref called us for the game. I was excited. I could not wait to start playing.
We got to receive the ball. The prop caught the ball and started running as fast as a bull trying to get a cowboy man off his back. Then they passed the ball to me. I started to run fast and I stepped the opposition and I made a gap for me to score a brilliant try. The crowd was cheering for me to get the try and I went through a small gap and scored a try. Some of my team mates said, 'Nice try', or 'Good going'.
Then we got ready for Manurewa to kick off. When they kicked off I caught it .I stepped the fullback and bumped off the wing and I sprinted my way to the try line but someone ankle tapped me. The ref said that I was held. I said 'What'. So I played the ball and George scored a try. He is in our team. I said 'We are wasting Manurewa'. Then the ref called for half time.

It was 20 minutes left. My Dad told us to keep up the defence. He told us that we are a better team than what we are playing on the field. So we did our cheer that my team always does at half time and full time. I asked if I could come off and I was allowed.
Then Maloni and I were telling stories about how we felt about the game . My Dad called my name and took Freedom off and I was on until the game ended.When I went on Manurewa had already scored 2 tries. We kicked off then Daniel scored a try and Ayrton made the conversion. We were winning. But the pressure was still on. I got the ball and I was close yet again. Someone on the sideline said that there was only 5 minutes till the gamewas over. So Freedom came on and he scored a try. Then Kehua got the conversion. The ref called for full time.

But I did not get player of the day. Fredom and Maloni got the player of the day. But my Dad said that I was the third player of the day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Assembly of term 2 for 2009

After the bell for quarter to 9 rang.Pt England students had to line up for the first assembly of term 2.I wondered what we were studying about this term.

When we went into the hall I saw teachers dressed in dinosaur costumes.Mr Burt was dressed up like a cave man and his name was cracker.Mr Jacobson was dressed as a Super Pteradactyl Man.We are studying about dinosaurs.Mr Burt showed us team 1s item movie.The whole school thought that team 1s movie was dry.When they finished it was team 2s turn.They did a rap about dinosaurs and they were the best that I saw so far.So after their performance it was team 3's turn.They showed a movie about dinosaurs and team 3 pretended to look for dinosaur bones.On the dinosaur movie it had some jurrasic park bits in it.It was team 4's turn.On the movie it showed the teachers reading a book.They were so bored of reading books that they fell asleep and dreamed about being in dinosaur time.When they were finished we watched the E-learning team.They made up a rap to do with team 2.It was a crack up.After their performance we went back to class.

It is going to be a cool dino-might term.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wrestlemania 25th aniversery

On Monday 6th April Wrestlemania 25 was on at 11 o'clock and the replay was on at 4 o'clock.It was very cool. I liked John Cena vs Big Show vs Edge for the world heavyweight championship in a triple threat match.They were rivals. Big show weighs about 414 pounds and Edge weighs 294 pounds. John Cena lifted them both up and did his finisher move. John Cena won the world heavyweight championship belt.

Another match I liked was Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels.The Undertaker has never lost at Wrestlemania but Shawn Michaels has never lost to the Undertaker on Raw. Undertaker did an outside dive and Shawn Michaels pushed the camera man and Undertaker cracked the camera. Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, the camera man and the referee were knocked out. But the Undertaker still won. He is still not defeated at Wrestlemania.Who will put him to rest?

The best match I liked was Randy Orton vs Triple H for the WWE championship. Randy Orton made Vince Mc Mahon and Shane Mc Mahon and Stephanie Mc Mahon go to hospital.He made them go to hospital by doing his vicious move called the punt.Triple H is the WWE champion. Randy Orton did his finisher called RKO. Triple H was knocked out for a little bit. Then he did his finisher called the pedigree. Then Cody Rhodes came in but Triple H pedigreed him and he got knocked out and Triple H pinned Randy Orton and he was still the WWE champion.

I can't wait for Wrestlemania 26.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rock climbing at camp aratika

We went rock climbing on March the eighteenth.At first I did not think that rock climbing was scary but when I got there it looked a little bit scary.The man at the rock climbing told us the rules then we could go to any rock climb.There was a King Kong tower but I thought that was too babyish.So I went on the temple of doom.It was very high up and I was frightened but in another way I was amazed.I started climbing it but it kept getting scary every time I climb higher.I was half way there.I said to myself'You have to keep going'.I was almost there.Then it started getting easy.I said'Thats funny it is easy to climb now'.Then I climbed all the way down.I called out'I am a master I think'.After that we went Ten pin bowling.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My birthday

On my birthday we went bowling with my sister and Tim but first we picked up my friend Lepa.When we got there I was exited.After bowling we went to laser strike.Lepa won the bowling but not by much.When we went to laser strike I had trouble getting the suit on.In the end I put it on.When we went into laser strike.It was as dark as a cave.It felt really cool even though I did not win.I played hard but Tim won laser strike.I said"what happened to my luck".Then we went home and had some salad sandwiches for lunch.Then we went to West Wave.We got to go on the hydroslide.But we had to walk up heaps of steps.Then we went to the pool.It was nice and warm.There were waves but you had to wait for ages.there was a slide that was 5 feet tall.I climbed up.Finally I got up.When I looked down it looked scary.When I slid down the slide I felt like my skin was going to fall off.We stayed there for four hours.After it was time to go home.I had fun at my birthday.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome to Room 15 from Ms Squires

Hi Matthew, welcome to Room 15 and your new blog. This is your own place to share your stories, poems and thoughts about different topics. You will be able to also post any podcasts or videos you make and any of your e-learning tasks you complete throughout the year. Don't forget to let all your family know so they can see what you have been up to and can leave you comments.
Happy Blogging!!