Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Queensland Side

Queensland has been my favourite team of all always dominating the New South Wales. Year after year Queensland have won State of Origin and that streak will probably never end if they keep on getting the squad I am looking for so take a look at this site

1.Billy Slater
2.Darius Boyd
3.Willie Tonga
4.Dain Nielson
5.Jhral Yow Yeh
6.Darren Lockyer(c)
7.Jonathan Thurston
8.Matt Scott
9.Cameron Smith
1o.Petro Civiniceva
11.Nate Miles
12.Sam Thaiday
13.Ashley Harrison

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Philo Farnsworth

Philo Farnsworth was the genius behind the inventing of the television. People used it for entertainment by watching screens of black and white. Philo was born August the 19th 1906 in Utah in the United States but sadly died in Salt Lake City on March 17th in 1971. But the television was only black and white pictures instead of being bright colour like in our days. But did you know that the television was made in 1927. It looked like a small gadget used for watching entertainment.

Philo Farnsworth was an interesting guy. His parents wanted him to learn the violin but his love and interest was in electricity. At the age of 12 he created an electric powered washing machine and his family was the first ever ones to use it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kiwis vs Australia

Kiwis vs Australia/Match of the year candidate

The match of the year with the Kiwis travelling down to Aussie territory to challenge the mighty Australia. As both teams get ready to create an revolutionary rivalry they enter the field with integrity and determination to win against each other. I bet the fans will be thrilled to watch this fired up main event taking place in Skilled Park.

BRR!!!As the whistle sounded the match had begun within about 6 minutes the fantastic fullback Billy Slater scores with Jonathan Thurston converting the goal which left the score 6-0 to Australia. But yet again Australia prove their dominance by yet again crossing the try line thanks to Jrahal Yow Yeh the new comer to Australia but sadly Thurston could not convert this time but Australia dominating the score 10-0. With Australia having possession Darren Lockyer chipped the ball and Yow Yeh put up a good chase but sadly the ball dribbled over the dead ball line. From that mistake the Kiwis scored with the help of Matt Duffy another new comer scoring. Benji Marshall beautifully kicked the ball and it sailed between the posts. After that the half time hooter sounded and the players finally get a rest.

The second half has begun and in about the 60 minute mark yet again Slater scores again also having double tries. Yet again Thurston got the goal and the score is 16-6. It was one of the greatest matches I have ever seen with Jamal Idris scoring as well for Australia but Thurston could not convert and in the last minute Keiran Foran setting up a try for Lance Hohaia. But Benji Marshall missed and when the full time hooter rang the players all shook hands. But only one team came out dominant that was....................AUSTRALIA with a score of 20-10. Yaay!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Geometry translation

We have been working on geometry translation but do you know what it means. Well it means to try move every point in a shape a distance in a specified direction without changing it's size and rotating it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Telephone Discovery

Alexandra Bell was the first ever person to think about and design the telephone. It was first

used for transmitting conversations over to other people in other countries hearing the exact words that the other person had said through this wired transmitter. But now we use wireless phones called mobile phones.

Disastrous Tornado in Albany

Yesterday at approximately at three o clock a destructive tornado pulverised the North shore of Albany. It was a devastating site which looked like Japanese soldiers had conquered the land. Torn up shreds of least to say cars. Obliterated by this mean beast tremendously roared through the streets of Albany ruthlessly twisting the whole town up side down and ruined the lives of the people. Even though over fifteen people were majorly injured and a minority of people were severely injured. 200 km is the velocity of how fast this thunderous monster was.

That extraodinary devastating creature destroyed the town of Albany. Terrifying sites were spread within the town of Albany in a record time of 2 hours and left the city with a trail of Chaos.