Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Brief Reflection

The highlight of the term was going down to the science road show because it has different inventions. Another great thing was that my reading age is higher than a year 8. Next term I am looking forward to what we are going to be learning about.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Artwork with Ms M

We have been working on making little art portraits called motifs based on the types of masterpieces done by some artists. One of these artists was Phillip Clairemont and he produces art that he see’s in his normal life but makes it colourful and exciting. The other artist is Fatu Feu’u and he is a Samoan artist so he paints Samoan patterns all over the artwork he creates in his head. But what we are trying to do is create a mixture of Samoan and colourful patterns together to make something extraordinary.

What we had to do was to get photos of their artwork and that involved research so each person had to create 2 research profiles,one for Fatu Feu’u and one for Phillip Clairemont. We all grabbed famous paintings off the internet and some such as the ‘Scared Couch’ and ‘Triptych’ from Phillip Clairemont and ‘Ulu Malai Uli’ and ‘Conserved for Tomorrow’ from Fatu Feu’u. We studied each painting closely and knew that it was time to work on our artwork designs that we have been planning for weeks.

We worked on the little artwork portraits trying to make some new pattern designs by sketching the photos we took in our research profiles. I sketched the paintings ‘Ulu Malai Uli’, ‘Conserved for Tomorrow’ and ‘Ulu Manu Folau’ and blended them with some colours to make them admirable. With days and weeks of hard sketching it was finally done and within the next day we were with Ms M, we had to carefully cutting our artwork pieces out with a chisel. So once we had cut them out, they had been spray painted to perfection by some students from room 20 who were lucky enough to get the job.

Our piece of art is complete and has been put on a canvas and finally our hard work has paid off. Our artwork is not really traditional because we blended 2 types of art together however I still like it. It looks really creative and funky just like I imagined it would. Producing this piece of art has been really fun but now it has come to an end and I enjoyed every moment of it.