Thursday, December 15, 2011

Space Picture

This term we have been learning about space. Here is a drawing of the solar system planets. Mecury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Monday, December 12, 2011

My Plan For Year 8

I will be more responsible because I want to be a House Captain for Te Arawa. I want to achieve this goal because I have’nt had the chance to. I would also like to be sensible and not talk when the teacher is talking. That is my goal for 2012 as the role models for the school.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Year Of The Netbook

This year I have really loved having a Netbook to work on because another thing I have loved about this device is that we can Play computer games on our netbooks.

As much as I have loved having a Netbook there are some things that I haven’t liked about netbooks is that there can be a long amount of time to wait for my netbook to be repaired. Another thing things that I dislike about netbooks is because the internet sometimes loads slow and takes a long time to connect.

The advantages about having a netbook is because we can search things online and can work faster with our netbooks because we can go on our Wireless WI-FI and work on our google docs. We never have to wait for any multi-media machines to be available becuse we have our netbooks.

The hardest thing to do on my netbook wad doing tests more than two times
The greatest challenge for me is recrafting my writing
From time to time I always finish my Term Tasks
Most of the time I try finish my work so I dont have to do it anymore

If the netbook scheme failed and we had to go back on pen and paper, our work would be difficult because we have to write but with our netbooks, we don’t have to put our hands in pain because we can type

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All Blacks Triumphant Victory

Its the build up towards the France and All Blacks game. As I was watching the French highlights through out this tournament I knew that this game was not going to be a thrashing. But I had a change of mind when the All Blacks vicious tournament highlights of them destroying their oppenents with scores such as 87-0. Whatever the score was 1 team is going to come out with a smile of victory, the other will be crying there eyes out. The question is who will win?

It’s 8:55 pm as I was anxiously waiting for the Rugby World Cup Final. I was getting apprehensive about the match. So to get it off my mind I wondered what I could do while I was waiting,but before I could my Mum yelled out “Matthew the games just about to begin”. So I raced to the TV ready for an action pack adventure match for the Webb Ellis Trophy.

1st half kick off began with the French, All Blacks had first possesion and used it very well. They kept attacking the French line up with all they could. They secured lineouts, protected the ruck areas and mauled into the scrums. Within 15 minutes of the game Tony Woodcock squeezes inbetween the French player and dived for the try but sadly Weepu could not convert the goal but the score is laid at 5-0. This tough competition kept up untill the first half. Sadly the French did’nt have the drive to score against the All Blacks and the score stayed at 5-0.

I think the star for halftime is French captain Thierry Dusatoir. He has great breaks, secure rucks and I think he has lifted up the French player morales and lets see if they have a trick or two up their sleeve and they could win this thing. I wondered what the coaches would be saying to their teams.

Its the 2nd half and French have used the ball well using their bulked up bodies to get to the halfway line. Driving after driving,colliding after colliding the French had stepped their game up a notch and were hauled up just before their tryline. What ever they did they could not seem to get passed until the 47th minute came and Theirry Dusatoir took his game and raised to legendary mode as he crossed the line for France’s first try of the RWC final. And Trinh Duc converted the goal. But later in the match Stephen Donald was lined up for a penalty goal. He had a lot rushing through his head because if he missed his team would have been disappointed in him because he would have pretty much lost the match but if he got it in the All Blacks would have secured the World Cup trophy. So he took a deep breath, kicked it and ITS IN the score was now 8-7 with the All Blacks in the lead. Time was up France couldn’t come back NZ had won.

With the well deserved win that the All Blacks snatched up its time for the cup to be lifted by our captain fantastic Richie Mccaw. With former legendary All Black players each coming to line up VIP people also came such as John Key coming up to congratulate our All Black champions. But the time everyone has been waiting for. The cup was in front of Richie, he shook John Keys hand and up went the trophy. Not a single spectator left Eden Park because this was a special event. Well Done Boys, lets see if you they can win the 2015 world cup in England

Thursday, November 3, 2011

MI Quiz

When I took the MI test the results say that I have inter and intrapersonal skills. Which means I am people smart and myself smart. Interpersonal means that I can communicate well with others and intrapersonal means that I know myself well

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One Day Of Fun

One day the teachers decided that it was time to have fun. So the year 7 and 8’s headed down to the bottom field and had a full on hour and a half of joy and excitement. Everyone had fun playing different activities and even some brain teasing events which were hilarious. My two all round highlight reels of the day, one of them was with Ms Tito. The other one was with Mrs Lagitupu.

Ms Lagitupu’s game was ball tiggy but this was a team game.The aim of this challenge was to grab a ball and throw it getting the members of the other team. You are not allowed to run with the ball but you can run to another spot without the ball. You can’t throw it at the person, you have to tag them with the ball. Also you’re not allowed to run out of the area you have to stay within the four cones placed in each corner. We also wore bands to represent our colours and we were red.

With the rules out of the way it was time to play. My strategic plan was to sprint around in a circle that way it would be harder to seal me in a trap. It was working but I got tired, I knew I couldn’t stop. Suddenly they got me in a trap of three people they were about to get me out but I scrambled to one side which got me out of the trap I was nearly encased in. Our team was running and there were three of us in, the rest of the team were out smarted and our team were the victors of the game. We congratulated our foes and headed to the next game.

Ms Titos event was very hard because the aim of this game was to catapult the ball off the sling shot and try get it to land into the hoops. If you got one into the blue hoops you get 20 pts and if you got it in the purple hoop which was the farest you would get 40. If you get it in the pink hoop which was the exceedingly far one of all the hoops you got 50 pts. There was a prize that the class with the most points got to have a water balloon fight

After many people tried so hard to get it they flunked and became a spectator but now I knew I had to step my game up. I schemed an intelligent plan in my head, hoping it would land exactly in the hoop. I wished myself ”Good Luck”.So I catapulted it missed by a mile. Time had passed and it was yet to be conquered and I wondered who won the competition, I knew it certainly wasn't our class

Those were my favourite activities of the day. They were really exciting games and they gave me an adrenaline rush which got me hyped up about it. I cant wait to do something like that again. But maybe we could do something more sporty and different like play bull rush with the tags.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Place Our Term


I love it when the try line is in sight
I love the sound of the crowd going wild
I love the feel of an intense foot race
I love the taste of glory at the end of the game
I love the smell of money that I hope to earn

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What we learned in AFL

What room 20 learned in AFL today was how to catch AFL style. We learned three new techniques of catching. The first catch we learned was the chest mark where you join your arms together and scoop up the ball. The second was the high mark where you put your hands up high and make a W shape with your thumbs touching each other. The third catch we learnt was the specky and that was short for spectacular catch. How to perform the specky is easy, first you jump up in to the air doing a springbok with one knee and hold out your arms to catch it(like picture to the right).
For more images click on this website

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jharal Yow Yeh

Fullname:Jharal Yow Yeh
D.O.B:22 December 1989
P.O.B:Emu Park, Queensland, Australia
Height:187cm(6 ft 2)
Weight:96kgs(15 st 2 lb)
Club from 2009-11:Brisbane Broncos, Played 49, Tries 28, Points 108
Representitive Teams for 2011:
Australia, Played 1, Tries 1, Points 4
Queensland: Played 3, Tries 2, Points 8
Jharal Yow Yeh is the new phenominal star of the Brisbane Broncos. While Darren Lockyer retires I think Yow Yeh will overtake the legend and become one legend himself. This rampaging bull has the strength of a a bulldozer and the speed of a cheetah can anyone stop this Yow Yehs force.

Darren Lockyer

Fullname:Darren James Lockyer
D.O.B: 24 March 1977
P.O.B: Roma,Queensland,Australia
Height:178cm(5 ft 10)
Weight 85kgs(13 st 5 lb)
Position:Fullback,Five Eighth
Club Teams 1995-11:Brisbane Broncos
Representative Teams:
1997:Queensland, Australia
1998-11:Queensland, Australia
2010-11:Nrl All Stars
Darren Lockyer has been an inspirational leader to Five Eights all around the world. He has been the bomb and his legendary career will be about to be ended at the end of the 2011 season. Lockyer has been an enthusiastic leader during his legendary career. He is also breaking the record of nrl games with his record breaking 350 matches. So its time to say good bye to the legend known as Darren Lockyer.

Aaron Cruden

Fullname:Aaron Cruden
D.O.B: 8 January 1989
P.O.B:Palmester North
Height: 5 ft 10(178 m)
Weight: 84 kgs(13 st 3 lb)
Nickname:Azza Cruds
School:Palmester North Boy’ High School
University: Massey University
Famous Relatives: Mark Heginbotham
Occupations: Professional Rugby Union Player
Position: Fly Half
Amatuer Clubs: College Old Boys
State Sides in 2008-11:Manawatu Turbos
State Sides in 2010-11:Wellington Hurricanes
National Teams:All Blacks 2010, Caps 6, Points 5
Aaron Cruden is a phenomianol player with outstanding attributes and great ball skills. This youngster has the potential to go all the way in the world of rugby. I believe he is a good kicker and he will be a great future Johhny Wilkinson

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nathan Gardner information

Full Name:Nathan Gardner
D.O.B: 3rd July 1990 Australia
Height: 1.72 m(5 ft 7 1/2)
Weight: 80 kgs(12 st 8 lb)
Positions:Fullback, Wing
Clubs in 2010: Cronulla Sharks
Played in 2010:33 games
Tries in 2010:14
Goals in 2010:11
Points in 2010:86
Nathan Gardner is an inspirational fullback and yet he is my favourite player in NRL. Gardner has the potential to be in State Of Origin or even be in the national Australian team and beat the kiwis. He will be an up and coming Billy Slater or maybe another Jarryd Hayne but I know he will make it far because he has the strength the mobility and the elusiveness and he maybe another great and inspirational leader like my favourite five eighth the legendary Darren Lockyer.

Unknown All Black

Full Name:Colin Slade
Age:23D.O.B:10 October 1987
P.O.B:Christchurch, New Zealand
Height:1.83m(6 ft 0)
Weight:90 kgs(14 st 2 lb)
School:Christchurch Boys ‘High School
Position:First Five Eighth,Fullback,Wing,Centre
Clubs in 2008: Canterbury, Caps 39, points 286
Clubs in 2009-10:Crusaders, Caps 26, points 50
Clubs in 2011:Highlanders, Caps 3, points 14
National Teams: New Zealand 2010, Caps 3, points 24

Colin Slade is an oustanding performer and could well possibilly be the next upcoming Daniel Carter. His outrageous kicking has lead him into the New Zealand Mt for now Slade should be very proud of making the 2011 rugby world cup squad for the All Blacks. Slade should be congratulating himself for his epic tryout and this young gun could go all the way


Monday, August 15, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Maths Whizz

This is where I am at with Maths Whizz. I have 265 credits and my weekly usage is 13 times. For my picture on Maths Whizz as you can see its a robot, why I choose it was because robots are incredibly smart and that's what I want to be. But I lost some of my credit by clicking on games because I thought it would give me 45 credits if I won but it cost 45 credits and that's all the credit I had. So that's why I am so low on credits. Maths Whizz is awesome and you should try it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

English Flag

Did you know that the English flag was a sign of their famous figure Saint George. Also the St George Illawarra Dragons use his name as well. So I created the English Flag in honour of St George. So did you know that?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Brief Reflection

The highlight of the term was going down to the science road show because it has different inventions. Another great thing was that my reading age is higher than a year 8. Next term I am looking forward to what we are going to be learning about.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Artwork with Ms M

We have been working on making little art portraits called motifs based on the types of masterpieces done by some artists. One of these artists was Phillip Clairemont and he produces art that he see’s in his normal life but makes it colourful and exciting. The other artist is Fatu Feu’u and he is a Samoan artist so he paints Samoan patterns all over the artwork he creates in his head. But what we are trying to do is create a mixture of Samoan and colourful patterns together to make something extraordinary.

What we had to do was to get photos of their artwork and that involved research so each person had to create 2 research profiles,one for Fatu Feu’u and one for Phillip Clairemont. We all grabbed famous paintings off the internet and some such as the ‘Scared Couch’ and ‘Triptych’ from Phillip Clairemont and ‘Ulu Malai Uli’ and ‘Conserved for Tomorrow’ from Fatu Feu’u. We studied each painting closely and knew that it was time to work on our artwork designs that we have been planning for weeks.

We worked on the little artwork portraits trying to make some new pattern designs by sketching the photos we took in our research profiles. I sketched the paintings ‘Ulu Malai Uli’, ‘Conserved for Tomorrow’ and ‘Ulu Manu Folau’ and blended them with some colours to make them admirable. With days and weeks of hard sketching it was finally done and within the next day we were with Ms M, we had to carefully cutting our artwork pieces out with a chisel. So once we had cut them out, they had been spray painted to perfection by some students from room 20 who were lucky enough to get the job.

Our piece of art is complete and has been put on a canvas and finally our hard work has paid off. Our artwork is not really traditional because we blended 2 types of art together however I still like it. It looks really creative and funky just like I imagined it would. Producing this piece of art has been really fun but now it has come to an end and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Promblem Solving

Our fantastic teacher Mrs Nua got us to find a problem and solve this and we did it with ease so I am going to show you how to work it out

If you have earnt $24 and you spend 3/4 of it, how much money will you have left?

And obviously the answer is $6 because 3/4 of 24 is 6 so the answer is $6

Artwork Tessalation

This is my artwork tessalation that our teacher Mrs Nua decided that we should do and this is what I came up with hope you liked it.


Swimming has been great over the last 2 weeks and we have been learning some great but hard techniques with Miss Tito and also Mr Harris was joining in and trying to teach us the same thing. So I am going to tell you what we learned,what style we did, and what kind of technique we used.

When we got their on the first week we were learning how to go faster in freestyle by doing the technique called fingers. Fingers meant that we had to glide our fingers across the water instead of doing a full arm. At first I thought it was going to be easy but I was wrong it was a lot harder than what it seemed to look because everyone was failing.When it was my turn I tried my hardest to get it right but...... it was not good enough. Miss Tito was the teacher teaching us this technique which was terribly difficult and after the final day of week 1 swimming we still had not conquered it.

It was week 2 of swimming and we were ready to master fingers with Miss Tito when we realised that Miss T wasn’t here but Mr Harris was and he was the replacement teacher in swimming. So another lesson on fingers and another and another until finally someone had got it right and that person showed us how to do it and we actually learned the technique fingers. We had finally learnt it and everyone was proud of themselves. But swimming had to come to an end and it did but I’m still proud that I mastered fingers.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My creative name

This is the way I created my name in a nice,styled fashion which is waving up and down with my name still in place.

One day I decide to create my name this way and I hope you like it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

State of Origin game 1 first half

State of Origin 1

Its mate against mate,state against state as rivalry continues. This will be an epic battle between the reigning champions and my almighty favourite team QUEENSLAND challenge the blue NSW but this is QLD turf and they are going to make sure they put NSW out of their misery as they both make crowd booming entrances to perform their best for this special night.

BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!As Queensland kicked off the New South Wales had the first feel of possession. But Queensland got possession on their side and also the lead when Cameron Smith puts a little chip in for Jonathan Thurston but Jonathan missed the first time but made sure he would plant the ball down the second time and he converted his own goal so the score was laid at 6-0 than later on Sam Thaiday ran through the defence line to score but was sadly held up by a bunch of New South players. Everything was going Queenslands way but all of a sudden the half time hooter sounded and the halftime score was 6-0.

I think the player thats playing the best is Darren Lockyer with his beautiful passes offloads and the way he plays,NSW never know what he is going to do. He is like a younger Wally Lewis. His skill when he sets foot on the field is extraodinary and if they dont stop this play making machine who knows how much Queensland could be leading by.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Science Roadshow Highlight

One intriguing thing I really found interesting was the air pump experiment where if you put in a ping pong ball and it shot up through the air like a machine gun. It was really cool and everyone wanted to have a turn. When you pulled the lever the air created a big cloud that was invisible and compressed the air which shot the ball through the air.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Goals

This my my movie about my goals. Hope you enjoy this clip

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Queensland Side

Queensland has been my favourite team of all always dominating the New South Wales. Year after year Queensland have won State of Origin and that streak will probably never end if they keep on getting the squad I am looking for so take a look at this site

1.Billy Slater
2.Darius Boyd
3.Willie Tonga
4.Dain Nielson
5.Jhral Yow Yeh
6.Darren Lockyer(c)
7.Jonathan Thurston
8.Matt Scott
9.Cameron Smith
1o.Petro Civiniceva
11.Nate Miles
12.Sam Thaiday
13.Ashley Harrison

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Philo Farnsworth

Philo Farnsworth was the genius behind the inventing of the television. People used it for entertainment by watching screens of black and white. Philo was born August the 19th 1906 in Utah in the United States but sadly died in Salt Lake City on March 17th in 1971. But the television was only black and white pictures instead of being bright colour like in our days. But did you know that the television was made in 1927. It looked like a small gadget used for watching entertainment.

Philo Farnsworth was an interesting guy. His parents wanted him to learn the violin but his love and interest was in electricity. At the age of 12 he created an electric powered washing machine and his family was the first ever ones to use it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kiwis vs Australia

Kiwis vs Australia/Match of the year candidate

The match of the year with the Kiwis travelling down to Aussie territory to challenge the mighty Australia. As both teams get ready to create an revolutionary rivalry they enter the field with integrity and determination to win against each other. I bet the fans will be thrilled to watch this fired up main event taking place in Skilled Park.

BRR!!!As the whistle sounded the match had begun within about 6 minutes the fantastic fullback Billy Slater scores with Jonathan Thurston converting the goal which left the score 6-0 to Australia. But yet again Australia prove their dominance by yet again crossing the try line thanks to Jrahal Yow Yeh the new comer to Australia but sadly Thurston could not convert this time but Australia dominating the score 10-0. With Australia having possession Darren Lockyer chipped the ball and Yow Yeh put up a good chase but sadly the ball dribbled over the dead ball line. From that mistake the Kiwis scored with the help of Matt Duffy another new comer scoring. Benji Marshall beautifully kicked the ball and it sailed between the posts. After that the half time hooter sounded and the players finally get a rest.

The second half has begun and in about the 60 minute mark yet again Slater scores again also having double tries. Yet again Thurston got the goal and the score is 16-6. It was one of the greatest matches I have ever seen with Jamal Idris scoring as well for Australia but Thurston could not convert and in the last minute Keiran Foran setting up a try for Lance Hohaia. But Benji Marshall missed and when the full time hooter rang the players all shook hands. But only one team came out dominant that was....................AUSTRALIA with a score of 20-10. Yaay!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Geometry translation

We have been working on geometry translation but do you know what it means. Well it means to try move every point in a shape a distance in a specified direction without changing it's size and rotating it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Telephone Discovery

Alexandra Bell was the first ever person to think about and design the telephone. It was first

used for transmitting conversations over to other people in other countries hearing the exact words that the other person had said through this wired transmitter. But now we use wireless phones called mobile phones.

Disastrous Tornado in Albany

Yesterday at approximately at three o clock a destructive tornado pulverised the North shore of Albany. It was a devastating site which looked like Japanese soldiers had conquered the land. Torn up shreds of least to say cars. Obliterated by this mean beast tremendously roared through the streets of Albany ruthlessly twisting the whole town up side down and ruined the lives of the people. Even though over fifteen people were majorly injured and a minority of people were severely injured. 200 km is the velocity of how fast this thunderous monster was.

That extraodinary devastating creature destroyed the town of Albany. Terrifying sites were spread within the town of Albany in a record time of 2 hours and left the city with a trail of Chaos.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

School Picnic

“Awaited entertainment” I said walking to our annual Pt England picnic, at the Pt England reserve. We marched down towards the reserve to find out we were there all ready. “Hop into your class lines” Mr Burt shouted out. I was tempted to run off but I stayed.

Mr Burt yelled”Go have fun”and we ran wildly. There was a variety of activities, so hard to choose. I meandered around the place untill I finally choose a sport.CRICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!

After finally choosing cricket I got bored really fast. Wicket after wicket,brutal hit after brutal hit,I began to wonder when it was my turn to bat. Then Kayde came to play. Then all of a sudden the ball went flying up in the air into my hands. It was my turn to step up and bat.

“All I need to do now is hit the ball”I said.ZOOM!!!The ball came sprinting towards me and BOOM!!!!What a hit,with the music pumping as the ball got higher,the crowds silence came to an end.Whack,Smash,Crack!!.I was ready for yet another hit.Wham!!!!!The ball went higher than it had ever been before. I simply obliterated the ball,but it crashed down into the arms of the fielder Kayde,my competitive friend.

My batting days were over and lunch time was beginning when my Mum came down and gave me my lunch. I gobbled it up like a hungry,hungry bear. When I finished my lunch with Joshua and Jephte sitting beside me. We all had to go back to school.It was fun even though time went fast.”I wonder what I’m going to do next year”.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thank you for Camp!!!!!

Dear Mr Toko Aperahama

Thank you for the delicious hangi you prepared for us at camp. Yet it was one of the best hangi's that I have ever tasted in my whole entire life. Also thank you for even coming to thisbcamp and making dinner better than ever. I really appreciate everything you have done for us.

From Matthew T

Friday, March 25, 2011

One little video clip

We have been working on a little video clip to set an example for young kids about how to use the Pt England way. It shows how our school is respectful to everyone and plays sensible games. To do that they always listen carefully to teachers and walk sensibly in a straight line which is also using the Pt England way and listening to our weekly talks with our principle. So I hope you enjoy the movie that I have made.


Coming to school with my eyes almost completley shut I walked to school not seeing where I was going I headed to the hall for our year 7 and 8 camp. With everyone wandering around and all the bags in the hall I quickly threw my things to the ground and walked around looking for my friends. I was,until it was time to go to the hall.

“Lets have some fun” were the last words that came from Mr Burt. We sprung up but went to go to the Hangi Prep in the street. So we had to peel potatoes and wash them while also doing the same with the kumara. It was hard peeling the kumara until we finally got the hang of it. Peel after peel,Cut after cut we had finally finished and it was time to move to the next destination. I said quietly in my mind”Yes we’re finally finished”.

After all our activities we were the last to put up our tents. All that hard work was for something, we got to have a swim at the pools. It wasn’t for long but it was still relaxing. We finally got their and other teams were still in the pool as we headed towards the changing rooms to get changed. I really wanted to bomb but sadly we were’nt aloud to so I just jumped in and played a game where people had to catch and throw the tennis ball and I was catching it heaps of times. But all that fun made the time pass by real fast and soon we had to hop out and go back to school. When we got back then we had to have dinner and watch a movie. After that it was lights out and we had to go to sleep.

Day 2 of the camp!!!! It was just about to blast with the Rock up people having about 7 activities set up for us. As soon as we could go I knew that my favourite activity was going to be the Dunker. It looked really exciting and plus no’one had to really wait long. I found out that it was the FIRST activity that we were doing.AWESOME!!!! It was our turn to protect the people about to fall into the icy cold water. I was waiting anxiously for someone to throw the ball. Bang!!,the target was hit and someone fell into the water. After protecting and throwing and it was time to get dunked. Ball after ball, it was my turn to get dunked. I got anxious awaiting my drop. Next thing I know I had finally got dunked. It was really fun and I enjoyed that time but yet again the time passed by. When it was near night it was yet again lights out.

Swimarama was where we were going today. It was really exciting knowing that we were going to have a lot of fun. My highlight there was the Diving pool!!!! It was real awesome bombing off and also watching other people do high bombs. The hydroslide was another event that excited me because every time I went down the slide I would run and jump onto it. But when we first got their we had to do swimming relays. It took ages for it to finish Swimarama was fun and I can’t wait to go next year.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Canberra Raiders

The Canberra Raiders are an upcoming team with stars that shine so bright that Canberra demolish the teams that think they can out shine my team. They have future stars such as Josh Dugan and Blake Ferguson and the playmaking tanks Terry Campese, Jarrod Crocker and Matt Orford. And the bulldozing winger Daniel Vidot.

They play with style and last year they were the only ones who were undefeated against the Dragons who were the Rugby League Comp Winners. They pulverise in their tackles, they attack like tanks when they run and they boot the ball as if they had a robotic leg. The Raiders are a complete side with lots of agility like Daniel Vidot, toughness like Shaun Fenson and speed like Josh Dugan.

I personally think this upcoming side can win the premiership if they continue their winning streak which started with the Sharks. What a game for the Raiders crunching the Sharks up 40-12. Hopefully the raiders can come out on top. Lets do it!!!!!!

Statistics Pie Graph

One day our teacher came up with an idea to make a pie graph of favourite movies,drinks and games. But as you can see here I have done one about peoples favourite music!!!!!

It was quiet hard figuring out what to do at first but after we got the hang of it. It was fun wondering what to do well for me it was. If you want to find out how to make a pie graph follow these instruction.

1.First we made a new sheet.
2.Then we simply added how many people like which event
3.Now on the top right hand corner there should be a picture of a graph, click on it
4.Then just wait until the pie graph picture comes up and click insert
Thats how to make it.

How to pitch a tent

A list of equipment!!!
1. Unpack the Essential tent equipment which includes hammers, pegs, guy ropes and fibre glass poles which will make the structure of the tent!!!

1.Well the first step is to pull out all of the equipment that you need to build it!!!
2. ?Then unfold the base and frame of the tent flat onto the ground and you need to insure that the entrance to the tent is the right way
3.Then put in the metal pegs at a 45 degree angle and hammer the pegs down hard in to the ground!!!
4. Then with your hands get out the fibre glass put them in to the ground and slightly bend them and tie a bow onto it!!!
5.Then put the fly on top of the tent so that it can maintain its stability of its structure during high winds in the night!!!
6. And that is how you build a tent.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Camp TC Highlight

My highlight for Camp TC was the Water Dunker when the rock up people came. It was awesome and lots of people enjoyed themselves on it. It was cool either if you were throwing,protecting the person about to be dunked or being dunked yourself it was always cool.

I like this activity because even though there was heaps to choose from the Dunker stood out. I like it because 3 teams went to each activity but everyone got a lot of goes on the Dunker. We did not really have to wait for a real long time and that’s one reason that it was cool.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Food Technology

The first time going to tech, I WAS LATE!!!!!! I did’nt know what to do. It was either walk to tech or stay at school but I walked to tech. As soon as I got to Tamaki College, where it was held at I heard chatters of excitement as I entered the cooking class.

As soon as I got into the class I quickly chucked on an apron and jumped into Cruz’s group who had Dominiq and Kaiden as well as Cruz. I asked Cruz quietly”Hey what are we cooking”. He whispered back”Look on the screen” and I saw the word sticky buns so I assumed that’s what we were making. I was hoping we could make something else but there were very few options. That was the only option Sticky Buns.

As soon as all the ingredients were up on the board, we straight away started cooking our sticky buns.I was stuck there with nothing to do. So I helped grab some of Cruz’s stuff. While quickly grabbing all of the ingredients it was just down to melting the butter. That was the only thing left to do but it was so funny. We put the butter in for 30 seconds then SPLAT. The butter flew every where around the microwave as if its been there for 1000 years. We all started laughing.

“Yes” I said as the dough was almost ready to put in the oven. Our sticky buns were almost complete. I could not wait to gobble up those sticky buns, they smelt delicious as they were ready to cook. So we chucked it in the oven. But there’s always a consequence for cooking,DISHES!!!!!Cruz and I were the pack awayers,because we thought it was going to be a piece of cake but we did’nt know what to expect because the pack awayers do more than a washer and dryer combined. So after that we were waiting

An air of excitement broke the silence because the sticky buns were ready. I said”WOW”because they looked like heavenly angels but we had to eat them.”Yum that was delicious” I said loud and proud. I felt like I impersonated a chef the way I cooked, well we cooked.That was a great introductory lesson. I wonder what my secondary experience will be like.

Christchurch Catastrophy

Christchurch’s earthquakes have been unspeakable. Their are people buried in rubble in half demolished buildings. While others are walking around petrified and devastated by this highly horrific waves of earthquakes. This is a catastrophy, what can Christchurch do with terror rising beneath the ground. Buses have been disintergrated and the rest of the state has been pulverised.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My first time on a netbook

I woke up in the morning saying that its time to get my netbook. I was also wondering what class I was in as well. So I got changed into my school uniform for the first time in ages and did all the stuff I usually do in the morning like brush my teeth and all that. For my first time in a long time I was ready to go to school and I was really excited about netbooks.

As soon as I got into my class which was room 20 I wondered to myself"Where is the netbo......". I had to hold that thought because the netbooks arrived. I could not wait to turn it on. So I turned it on straight away and there we go heres my netbook. We had something you call 'explore time' which meant that we could do anything on our netbooks. I decided to play games and I did not stop playing them.

The game I played was Aisle Riot Solitare which was cool even though I did not complete the game. It was fun. At the end of the day when we had to put it away I knews we would still play on it tomorrow. I love this new machine.

My Fantastic Holiday Birthday

RIINNGGG RIINNNGG. Matthew wake up its your birthday today. I jumped up out of my bed in energetic way and got changed fast knowing what today was. I mostly got changed fast because I could take my friends with me and my cousin. I could not wait one second ao I yelled I yelled’Mum hurry up!!!!”

As soon as we got my friends we had to make a little pitstop before we made our way to Rainbows End which lead to Pak’n save. All we went in for was some candy, sweets and some lunch food. We also got some lunch food because grown people do get hungrier when they grow up(I’m talking about me)

As soon as we got to Rainbows end I rushed straight to the Invader. I almost got non until my Mum said Matthew wait for your friends. I shouted in a loud voice “Ok!!!”. So as soon as I waited for my friends and cousin to jump into line, I said to my self”Here we go”. The gate opened and the ride was about to begin

Piles of smoke came out of the invader and loud noises. Those noises were the sound of the invader ready to begin,up and down, up and down the w track and up so very high then the invader comes rushing back down to the ground for a silent hault. I said”That was fun”in a normal voice, so again and again I went on the Invader and all the other rides around including the power surge that was the best.

“LUNCHTIME” my Mum yelled and we raced up to the table, mostly because we were really hungry. There was heaps of food to eat which was very nice. As we were eating we started taking photos of everyone eating, with our mouths stuffed. After we chowed down our food(there was still some more food left)we went on some more rides but the end of the day was coming.

At the end of the day me, Matthew and Colis stayed on the power surge and it was really cool. I was sitting by myself and Matthew and Colis were directly ahead of me. The place I was in was tilting to the left and right and I kept back flipping which was awesome. After one more ride on the power surge all rides shut down and we had to leave.