Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Favourite Toy

My PS3 is the toy that I have grown to love over the past few years. It is actually one of the only toys that I have left. But out of all my other toys I know that it was actually one of the most entertaining toys out of the rest of them. It’s really amazing how PS3’s work because they are kind of like your very own netbooks.

One of the best things I like about my PS3 is that you can go online and challenge your friends. It’s really cool because you can play against your friends in games such as ‘Call Of Duty, Modern Warfare 3 and All Blacks Rugby Challenge’. My mates and I usually just play Call Of Duty because it’s the game that all of us are interested in mostly. I love beating my friends at Call Of Duty and by the way Call Of Duty is a shooting game and is one of the most successful games sold in history. That game is also my favourite game because I really love everything about the game. It is a pretty exciting game. My favourite gun is a L8G LSW with

Besides going online there is also other things you can do with PS3’s. You can also get other games and in the dashboard of the PS3’s you can collect trophies from the games by following the small descriptions it tells you to do. So that’s another exciting thing to do because you can strive to achieve trophies. There are different coloured trophies, there is a bronze trophy for the easy missions, a silver trophy which only have a medium difficulty and there’s gold trophies that are really difficult to achieve. But you have to be really good at the particular game to receive a golden trophy. Once you collect all trophies you get one big platinum trophy which you only get by achieving 100 percent completion on the game.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Murderous Adventures

It was a frosty cold day as some campers were getting ready to go on a bush walk. Their co-ordinator had been told that they would have a rain delay due to the unpredictable weather. But the co-ordinator (whose name was Steve Marshal) thought to himself “You know what? I'm going to do this bushwalk with the kids because they'd hate me so bad for delaying it for them”. One of the children ran up towards Steve to confront him about the bush walk that was scheduled. A 13 year old girl named Aziza asked Steve politely “ Can we still go for a bushwalk because all the other kids decided they still wanted to go?”. Steve thought about it for a moment and then replied with a wide grin glued to his face. ”Yeah sure just grab your raincoats and umbrellas from inside your backpacks”. They all followed the instructions and within seconds they were ready to trample into the depths of the Amazon jungle.

So off they went on their amazingly spectacular journey. But little did they know that there was a deadly killer named Jason that had been reported and sighted running off into the jungle. He was the most extremely dangerous criminal in the whole entire universe. It was like he was from another planet with the way he tormented and tortured people slowly towards their deaths. While the campers were only a quarter way through their jungle exhibition they heard a loud gunshot that sounded like the shot was only metres away from them. So the children ran off wildly not knowing where they were going, but that wasn't what was on their minds. But something that was - was trying to stay alive. Aziza ran off and a boy called Matthew followed her.

Once they cleared the area where their fellow campers were, Matthew and Aziza decided to become really good friends. They were talking together just to pass time while wandering through the maze of horror. Suddenly out of the blue there was a loud wild shriek “Ahhh!!!! Hhh..elp.....” before they could finish hearing the rest of her shriek they heard about 3 gunshots. Then you could hear other campers yelling and calling for desperate life ”HELP US!!!!!”.

There was sadly nothing they could do to survive the onslaught that Jason was on. He blocked up all the entrances and exits and people had nowhere to go. Matthew and Aziza moved quickly because they knew that if they just waited around they wouldn't exist in another 10 minutes. So they ran and found an exit but standing in front of it was a large shady figure. It was Jason. He went to pull out his murderous gun but fortunately it had no bullets in there. Suddenly there was a big thud and the blocked up door flew straight down to the ground and lots of gunfire was aimed at Jason. Gunshots were fired everywhere and the cops killed Jason. But unfortunately Jason was not the only person in the jungle dead. The rest of the campers including Steve Marshal also died.

All was happy now for Aziza and Matthew. They grew old and got happily married and moved to a happy unbothered street called Elm street. But one night Jason's brother Freddy swore vengeance on the happy couple. He is Freddy Krueger and he is the Nightmare on Elm Street.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012