Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yay!!! Hurricanes get another win

The Hurricanes come out victorious after beating those Australian Brumbies beating them by 10 points. It was a devasting match but they managed to win by a score from 23-13. One of the players that i thought stood out in that game was Ma'a Nonu and Hosea gear. They were one of the best players. Go Hurricanes!!!!!!!!! Go on to win. Thanks for the picture to this website

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

South Sydney Rabbitohs

The South Sydney Rabbitohs is now my favourite team for 2010. The have sometimes been committed to winning and make a vow not to lose. Just like last Sunday, they had a tremendous win over last years the runners up for the cup, the Eels. I think that Rabbitohs have a chance to win the NRL Telsra Premieship. They have only lost twice and won the rest of there games. I have hopes for them to win. My favourite players in the Rabbits are Isaac Luke, Roy Asotasi, Rhys Wesser and the great halfback Chris Sandow. The Rabbitohs are the best. GOOOO SOUTH SYDNEY RABBITOHS!!!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Room 17 Young Guns for 2010

ITS MUFTI DAY!!!!! The day when we can dress up in whatever clothes we want. I am looking forward to the sausage sizzle and the disco at lunchtime. I also like the Camp awards coming up at 10:30. Everyone in this picture is my best friend. Don't we look like a cool bunch of kids. We are the ROOM SEVENTEEN YOUNG GUNS FOR TWO THOUSAND AND TEN!!! I am just loving the picture. I know that I will never forget this photo of my best friends. We are BFFs and we are the YOUNG GUNS FOR TWO THOUSAND AND TEN!!! . See you later when I do another post.