Friday, March 23, 2012

Ping Pong and Roller Blading

During our camp activities on day 2 we were roller skating and playing ping pong. Our group team the Respectronics had a choice to make whether to roller skate or play ping pong. Toko and I choose to play ping pong against each other. We were both competitive. The competition was rough. I started to go serious and Toko started to go serious as well. We then battled it out all for nothing. In an unlikely turn of events I won.

I was happy about my victory over ping pong because I had never played before. Once we had finished our turn at ping pong and roller skating we then headed down to Room 21 to work on our item

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Camp Concert

“Its CAMP CONCERT TIME!!!” I said to myself as we were getting ready to have our final item practise. It was time to reveal it to the audience in the hall. We practised for around half an hour until we heard the signal for all the groups to enter the hall. It felt like we were walking on red carpet to sit down in our line. When everyone was in their spots it was time to start our annual camp concert.

The first group to go up and perform was Team Respect and they did a spectacular item. As another group went up and performed we then heard our group. The Respectronics were next to perform. It was really nerve wracking when we were walking up the stage stairs. I was finding it hard to stay still because I was really apprehensive. Suddenly the music started and our item began. So I just sucked it up and just joined in with everyone who was dancing. I actually ended up having a good time.

Once all the groups had finished their items it was time for the awards. As soon as they called out the awards(and I won best kayaker and best at old school games for the boys) it was time to decide which group had the best item. I thought we were going to be last but we were’nt. Then I thought we’re either going to be 5th, 4th or 3rd but we were’nt. It was down to our group the Respectronics and the Respect Crew. They announced the winner... and the winner was......the Respect Crew. Unfortunately we lost. As soon as they announced the winner we finished our concert and headed back to our tent to sleep.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Camp Reflection

For our final day at camp we travelled down to Swimarama to have a fun time. I certainly had a fun time because I was playing lots of sports and chilling with my mates. What I most enjoyed was see the Warriors live training. A crowd of our school gathered around chanting loudly and ferociously repeating the word “WARRIORS!!!”. Kayde, Joshua and I were starting most of the deafening chants. But sadly the Warriors left early for some reason. I loved the last day of camp because this was the chance to have a really fun time before we had to go back to school and work.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Justin Hodges

Justin Hodges is a phenomenon and he is now my favourite player. He has tremendous speed and has very good upper body strength. He was injured for a long time but came back last year. Also he made the mighty Queensland team and almost made one of the most famous trys. He has acquired the skills of a legend and I think that he will be one of the best because of his all rounding skills as a rugby league player. If I can make it into NRL I would like to be just like my idol Justin Hodges.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Softball Tournament

“Its softball today” I screamed at the top of my lungs because this was the Tuesday I had been waiting nervously for. My scream was so loud it woke my Mum up. I jumped out of bed as fast as lightning and began to get changed. It was only around the time 7:30 when I was ready to have an exhilarating day at our softball tournament. We quickly got to the car and took off to school.

Once I had reached school grounds I checked to see where everyone was. Then I looked around the room 20 area and there they were. I was wondering why they had not left yet but then I looked at the time and it was only 7:55. As I was apprehensively waiting for our team to gather in I just talked to my friends to pass the time by. Not knowing I had completely lost track of time I kept chattering until they finally called us in. We quickly got changed and walked down to Tamaki Intermediate.

As we finally reached Tamaki, I had a look to see what the competition was like. Most teams looked very skilled and experienced. So we got ready to train but we had suddenly been informed that it was time for our first game. Our first game was against Parnell Intermediate. I was really nervous when it was my turn to bat. I had never felt so nervous but it did go away when I swung the ball. Joe, Lepa, Cruz and Havea were doing the major shots that went miles away from where we were playing. But in the end our team came out victorious with a score of 6-5.

Straight away we had to rush to our second game which was against St Heller's. I sat this game out with Cruz and Kaiden and we all were cheering on our team. In this game we were thrashing them at first but they did start to come back. Joe was up to bat as the pitcher pitched to him he slamed the ball completely obliterating it up into the clouds. That hit would have been at least 30 metres long. We played hard and strived with our batting and destroyed them with our fielding we won. I was’nt sure about the score but I think people knew that we won.

As we won our matches and lost one game to Ellerslie Intermediate we had found ourselves in the semi finals with the team that won softball last year Churchill Intermediate. We fielded first. They were very clever and patient because they were just taking the walks(which happens when you pitch 4 inaccurate balls). They got around 5 runs until it was our turn to show them what our batting skills were made of. Once it was our turn to bat. 2 people went up and 2 people came back because they had been bowled out. Another person went up and came back because they got bowled out.We then changed to fielding with the score at 5-0 to them. We tried as hard as we could to get them out but they were to good. With the score at 11-0 to them it was our turn to bat. I thought the same result was going to happen but it didn’t. We whacked the ball regaining our confidence and scored many home runs. I hit the ball far as well. But when we had all got bowled out we were pretty happy with the result. The first score was 11-0, then it was 11-9 . Even though we lost we had a pretty good score.

It was a fun day but in the end we came fourth. That was so exciting playing and I hope to do it again sometime maybe when I am in college. Hopefully we can get results like that or better in league and rugby and soccer and all that.