Friday, April 27, 2012

Anzac Test

It was time for the annual Anzac Test between the mighty Kiwis and the unstoppable Australians at the Kiwis home turf at Eden Park. As the teams had their final warm up of the night they scurried out of the changing rooms and rushed onto the field. The stadium was swarming with screaming spectators. All of a sudden the ref blew his whistle to start the game and the Kiwis kicked the ball off.

The Australians had the first ball retention and used the ball very well by using their strong star winger Akuilla Uate making a break down the sideline. Shaun Johnson chased him but was unsuccessful tackling the Flying Fijian but eventually he was brought down by a wall of kiwis.
But Johnson didn’t get up and was lying on the field. The crowd thought he was injured until he made a miraculous recovery and jumped to his feet. In the 10th minute the Kiwis were near the try line but were struggling to score. That was until Isaac Luke did a dummy pass from a hooker position and dived over the line. Then it was time for the conversion from Benji Marshall who successfully attempted the goal to make the score 6-0.

But the Australians striked back in the 21st minute when Jonathan Thurston stepped through the Kiwis defence with ease and Thurston converted the goal. Yet again the Australians scored thanks to the brilliant legend Greg Inglis. Thurston converted again. When the Kiwis were striking the Australians try line, the Kiwis had a chance to score until Billy Slater made an illegal move which resulted in a sin bin for 10 minutes. Then the ref blew his whistle for half time.