Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All Blacks Triumphant Victory

Its the build up towards the France and All Blacks game. As I was watching the French highlights through out this tournament I knew that this game was not going to be a thrashing. But I had a change of mind when the All Blacks vicious tournament highlights of them destroying their oppenents with scores such as 87-0. Whatever the score was 1 team is going to come out with a smile of victory, the other will be crying there eyes out. The question is who will win?

It’s 8:55 pm as I was anxiously waiting for the Rugby World Cup Final. I was getting apprehensive about the match. So to get it off my mind I wondered what I could do while I was waiting,but before I could my Mum yelled out “Matthew the games just about to begin”. So I raced to the TV ready for an action pack adventure match for the Webb Ellis Trophy.

1st half kick off began with the French, All Blacks had first possesion and used it very well. They kept attacking the French line up with all they could. They secured lineouts, protected the ruck areas and mauled into the scrums. Within 15 minutes of the game Tony Woodcock squeezes inbetween the French player and dived for the try but sadly Weepu could not convert the goal but the score is laid at 5-0. This tough competition kept up untill the first half. Sadly the French did’nt have the drive to score against the All Blacks and the score stayed at 5-0.

I think the star for halftime is French captain Thierry Dusatoir. He has great breaks, secure rucks and I think he has lifted up the French player morales and lets see if they have a trick or two up their sleeve and they could win this thing. I wondered what the coaches would be saying to their teams.

Its the 2nd half and French have used the ball well using their bulked up bodies to get to the halfway line. Driving after driving,colliding after colliding the French had stepped their game up a notch and were hauled up just before their tryline. What ever they did they could not seem to get passed until the 47th minute came and Theirry Dusatoir took his game and raised to legendary mode as he crossed the line for France’s first try of the RWC final. And Trinh Duc converted the goal. But later in the match Stephen Donald was lined up for a penalty goal. He had a lot rushing through his head because if he missed his team would have been disappointed in him because he would have pretty much lost the match but if he got it in the All Blacks would have secured the World Cup trophy. So he took a deep breath, kicked it and ITS IN the score was now 8-7 with the All Blacks in the lead. Time was up France couldn’t come back NZ had won.

With the well deserved win that the All Blacks snatched up its time for the cup to be lifted by our captain fantastic Richie Mccaw. With former legendary All Black players each coming to line up VIP people also came such as John Key coming up to congratulate our All Black champions. But the time everyone has been waiting for. The cup was in front of Richie, he shook John Keys hand and up went the trophy. Not a single spectator left Eden Park because this was a special event. Well Done Boys, lets see if you they can win the 2015 world cup in England

Thursday, November 3, 2011

MI Quiz

When I took the MI test the results say that I have inter and intrapersonal skills. Which means I am people smart and myself smart. Interpersonal means that I can communicate well with others and intrapersonal means that I know myself well