Thursday, April 14, 2011

School Picnic

“Awaited entertainment” I said walking to our annual Pt England picnic, at the Pt England reserve. We marched down towards the reserve to find out we were there all ready. “Hop into your class lines” Mr Burt shouted out. I was tempted to run off but I stayed.

Mr Burt yelled”Go have fun”and we ran wildly. There was a variety of activities, so hard to choose. I meandered around the place untill I finally choose a sport.CRICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!

After finally choosing cricket I got bored really fast. Wicket after wicket,brutal hit after brutal hit,I began to wonder when it was my turn to bat. Then Kayde came to play. Then all of a sudden the ball went flying up in the air into my hands. It was my turn to step up and bat.

“All I need to do now is hit the ball”I said.ZOOM!!!The ball came sprinting towards me and BOOM!!!!What a hit,with the music pumping as the ball got higher,the crowds silence came to an end.Whack,Smash,Crack!!.I was ready for yet another hit.Wham!!!!!The ball went higher than it had ever been before. I simply obliterated the ball,but it crashed down into the arms of the fielder Kayde,my competitive friend.

My batting days were over and lunch time was beginning when my Mum came down and gave me my lunch. I gobbled it up like a hungry,hungry bear. When I finished my lunch with Joshua and Jephte sitting beside me. We all had to go back to school.It was fun even though time went fast.”I wonder what I’m going to do next year”.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thank you for Camp!!!!!

Dear Mr Toko Aperahama

Thank you for the delicious hangi you prepared for us at camp. Yet it was one of the best hangi's that I have ever tasted in my whole entire life. Also thank you for even coming to thisbcamp and making dinner better than ever. I really appreciate everything you have done for us.

From Matthew T