Monday, August 23, 2010

Israel Folau

Israel Folau is a talented player that is 21 years of age. He used to play for the cheating team that everyone knows as Melbourne Storm,but moved to my former best team the Brisbane Broncos. He also plays for the almighty Queensland. His height is unbelievable for his age. His strength and shear force would be enough to stop a raging bull from running at him. He is centre, which has a jar full of speed and agility. He is one of my favourite players because he always finds a way to get over the try line even if he has to step,swerve and bump his way.

Moving from the Melbourne Storm was a good idea because if he stayed with them for a little bit longer,he would not have been able to compete for the NRL Telstra Premiership for a year. Which would of stunk badly. He is one of the centres that I admire. He is mighty and he is ISRAEL FOLAU!!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Warriors vs Sharks

The Warriors hope to keep their dreams alive as they travel down to Shark Park to challenge the Cronulla Sharks. The Warriors have been on a two week losing streak and wish to regain there win streak. As the crowd goes wild,both teams come out with a fire inside their soul.

BRRRRRR!!!The siren sounded as the kick off was made. Warriors retained the ball and were driving to the try line to get the early lead. It was a mumble jumble for the ball but finally the Warriors had enough,with their great centre Brent Tate scoring from the kick off Maloney to get the Warriors on the board. Warriors 6 Sharks 0.

All of a sudden Nathan Gardner had made a break through the defence line of the Warriors and offloaded to the all mighty Trent Barret to score his first try of the night and conceed the goal. The score level was now tied. Around the 30th minute,the hooker Aaron Heremia stepped his way through Shark Defenders and offloaded to a powered James Maloney who had scored and kicked the conversion.

Then Joel Moon made another break.Out of nowhere the speed of Nathan Gardner kicked in. Joel Moon tried to beat Nathan but failed,which made me go WHAT!!! He should of went forward and gained more metres.When Manu had been given the ball,the ref blew his whistle to an entitled high tackle. Before halftime,James Maloney yet again,kicks the goal to go into half time with the score at 14-6.

James Maloney has been having a great kicking game. Admired by his kicks,I knew he remembered to bring his kicking boots to the field and not leave them at home. By not yet missing a goal,he brought the Warriors a sigh of relief because if he missed,the Sharks could have easily backfired and brought the pressure to the Warriors.

Second Half here we come. With the kick off from the Warriors,the Sharks had finally got the ball and could try to do something. But the Warriors defence was too strong and yet again,scored again with another kick from Maloney into the hands of Sharks winger Blake Ferguson and nearly touching the edge of the finger tips of Manu Vatuvei. The ball almost went over the Sharks dead ball line until Joel Moon reached his hands out and scored. They took the footage to the video referee and it was a benefit of the doubt try.

As you know James kicks it again. Then the Warriors had put more pressure on the Sharks with the passes all the way to the youngster Bill Tupou to score his first International try. James Maloney yet again converting the goal,to make the score 26-6. Then again Bill Tupou scores in the corner and Maloney converts which then made the score 32-6.

Suddenly the Sharks strike back with a thunderous try. The kick was stabbed along the ground. Bill Tupou tried to recover the ball but failed and lead the Sharks winger to score and Trent Barret to miss. I was relieved to see that Barret missed because you never know when someone could come back in a game like this.

Finally Shark fans were cheering for their team as they score in the 60th minute. But after the incident,all bad memories of Bill Tupou dropped,after receiving an intercept pass by Trent Barret which lead the youngster to score a hatrick(three tries). Sadly Maloney had dropped the magic on his boots and missed by a sharp edge. Late in the game with only 2 minutes to go, Maloney regained his magic and retained his teams hope but to kill the Sharks dreams with an on target drop goal.

As the end siren sounded,Warriors supporters and the Warriors were cheering and celebrating from their win over the Sharks. The Sharks at Shark Park in Australia have been Cronullified

Monday, August 9, 2010

Why did we draw Mrs Tele'a??

Our extension class focused on drawing maps except this was no map, it was Mrs Telea. Each one of us had a different perspective(view) of Mrs Tele'a and had to draw her. I guess your wondering why we had to draw her. Well we had to because we were looking at how to draw maps. Also different reference points and not to do distort(change)images.

A lot of us had our own style of drawing Mrs Tele'a. The drawing that people were most definitely sure was the best is Cruz. He has a cool drawing with a different style to his scale. Every ones drawings are yet to be recognized by other people that visit there blogs. We all tried our best at drawing and finally succeeded in our art work. Even if it still remains a mystery to people why we were drawing Mrs Telea it is related to maps and we were trying not to distort images or stories that we draw or tell.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vaka Voyages

This is my movie about how the Polynesians got to New Zealand with all there supplies. For them finding land was a dream come true. Back then they did'nt have maps or little motors hidden in a big ship. All they had was a waka also known as a vaka and people including Navigators. Navigators were like the maps, they look for signs such as birds,stars,sea swells,clouds and the sun.

Josh Dugan

Josh Dugan is one of my favourite fullbacks because of his tremendous speed,agility and power that he has to get over a try line. I like his determination and courage for his team and my best future team the Canberra Raiders. He also plays for the country team which includes good players such as Luke Burt. He was also one of the best U20 players that I have ever seen play.

Josh has a way that just gets him over the line and makes tackle busts and also makes line breaks. I like the way he plays even though the Raiders aren't in the top eight they are still playing good footy. He is a really determined player that I would love to have on my team if I was the coach for the Raiders. He should play in the QLD(Queensland) team which are made up of the best players. Or play for NSW(New South Wales). Well either one even if he does not play for Queensland or New South or any of them he will still be one of the best fullbacks.

Polynesian history

Polynesians from the east were the first to set foot on Aotearoa. They came on single outriggers or double hulls,which were 15-20 meters long. Once they had stepped on Aotearoa they were soon called Maoris.

Trained navigators steered the canoes because they knew to follow the birds in the day, and stars by night to find this new land. They had to travel through the pacific ocean. But only a few people survived the stormy weather and the battling seas, just to find the place as we know it as Aotearoa.