Thursday, September 23, 2010

How Polynesians came to New Zealand

Polynesians came to New Zealand following signs that you will se in the movie. Its all about what polynesians did to survive and what they used to guide them to the place we know as Aotearoa which stands for land of the long white cloud. They say that because a long cloud came over New Zealand.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A painful school run

“Urrgh”I groaned as I slumbered out of bed,waking up to an unpleasant idea”Cross Country.I thought I was going insane. When I had reached the school,I moaned”OhhNoo!!!!I FORGOT MY SICK NOTE””. I just have to man up and do it,but a feeling of pain came over me just thinking about cross country.

Fortunately I looked at the weather thinking it was about to rain. Suddenly a shock of suprise came when I saw everyone in lines dressed in 4 colours of blue,green,yellow and red. So I lined up in my team line Te Arawa and moaned even more when it was going from oldest to youngest.

I was really nervous and apprehended about this race:What if I collap....”before I could finish my sentence,a big clap of thunder from two blocks of wood started the race. I just jogged but seemed to to be coming fourth.Things started geting better until we passed the first tree,then I was dead last,behind everyone.This was a nightmare.I dont want to be known as a slow boy who never tries. That thought kept me motivated.

Out of nowhere I was halfway through the coarse,but out of the 50 competitors I was coming 25th.”Only 25 more competitors to go,until I come first”.I felt like I was Usain Bolt but even faster than him. By the time I passed the 3 quarter mark of the race,I was 4th.So proud of myself I caught up to the top 3 racers.

It was a sprint to the finish. I got past third and second,just one more to beat. Could I make it or not?Just five metres away.Come on you can do it. The crowd went as wild as zoo animals on the loose. Zoom!!.What a finish. Checking it on a slo mo replay,it shows that my foot reached the line before my competitor.

I was happy but also reluctant.By passing the finish line with so much pressure on me, I said”Ohh Noo I forgot I had asthma”.I was choking like a snake wrapped tight around a mans neck.But suddenly I realized I didnt have asthma.By that thought I awoke from my dreams.”Urrghhh!!!!Whats today”.”CROSS COUNTRY NOOOOO!!!!!!.