Monday, July 19, 2010

Term 3's new theme Mighty Mariners

When I set foot into assembly I wondered with shock"Is the theme about Pirates fighting Barbarians?". Once assembly had started I soon found out that it was mighty mariners. That got me wondering in no mans land trying to figure out what its about.

Mr Burt had explained it all so that it made sense. It was time for team 1 to steal the show with their movie about a Maori person named Kupe found New Zealand/Aoteroa. I thought the movie was pretty good including the graphics, I thought that they were amazing especially the way they were drawn.

It is time for team 2 to have the spotlight on them(Or should I say two people). One teacher dressed as captain James Cook and the other dressed like a pirate asking for some kind of gold treasure. That was really funny. I liked the part where the pirate or should I say Mrs She was waving her sword madly like a grizzly dog waiting for its meal. So hilarious for me.

Team 3 its your time to shine. I like the way that they came up and still acted to get us warmed up with laughter inside of us and to show a familiar movie but funny one. From Disney channel the Muppets on a pirate ship fighting to save a girly muppet. I thought that it was a good movie

Time for my team 4 to steal the show with there cool act with Mr Funny who I should say Mr Barks came up with a red barbarian beard. I knew that he was going to talk about something funny. Then Ms Squires and all the other teacher came up then gladly bowed down for us to give them claps and cheers.

Its time for Ms Funny(Ms Tito)to take the stage with her wild Australian act. She was talking for ages and ages about herself which was funny and made me laugh. Then she got to the point when she said"Who knows who I am". Instantly people shot there hand into the air like a bullet from a sniper. But Ms Tito could only choose one and she choose Kalim. He answered it correctly and her name was Jessica Watson....... well we just clapped.

I thought that we were going to go but suddenly Mr J the music one came up and we had to sing a little pirate song. We didn't need the words because its only six lines. Once we had finished our yoho pirate song we began to stand up and leave.

I thought that Mighty mariners was going to be a cool term theme.