Monday, November 23, 2009

Jonathan Thurston

Jonathan Thurston is a very fine player. He plays for the North Queensland Cowboys,Queensland,Australia. He is the kicker and he is a very good kicker. He is also one of those fast runners. I like him for his excellent kicking skills,his agility and his very good stepping skills. Jonathan Thurston has attempted to kick from very far away places. Sometimes he could even get them over if he was lucky. In the Grand Final of the Four Nations tournament he was the player of the day. He did a very good intercept. I reckon that Jonathan Thurston will go far with his excellent kicking tactics. He does very good scores and can do one of the best drop goals and chips over the top. This is why Jonathan Thurston is recognized by me, this is why I wrote about the brilliant,great kicking Jonathan Thurston

Acrostic poem about Greg Ingles

Great player and he will go far with his marvellous runs
Runs like the wind and has brilliant tries
Every time he gets the ball he can be as dangerous as a bear hunting its prey
Guides people and tells people to run with him

I think he is one of the best players in the world
Never gives up he always tries to offload
Greg Ingles is a hard running indestructive man
Loves to get the ball and run like a beast
Even if he would get tackled out he will still get back up and hit that dude hard
Sometimes he will hit people like a train who is going to run a person over