Monday, May 31, 2010

Sam Burgess

Sam Burgess is the Rabbits as in Rabbitos second rower and is a pretty good one too. I like him because of his ability to bump off people. He use to play for Super League.He is English and he plays for England in the four nations. He looks like he has a big journey ahead of him in league. He is about the right size for a second row. That is also my position that I play in for league and rugby. He looks like a six foot.

Tigers Make A Statement To Warriors

The Tigers proved to the Warriors that they are the supreme team for there match at there home ground Campbell Sport Stadium. I thought it was going to be a challenging match. Its going to start and the favourites for me are the Tigers and not the Warriors.

BRRRRRRRRRR. The whistle sounded and the game started. The first try was scored by the centre Michael Flanagan. The Tigers were in the lead with a score of four to nill.Then the Warriors come back with the first try scorer Joel Moon. Brett Seymour converted and the score came to 4-6. Half time came and the score stayed the same heading into the locker rooms the coaches have to say something to their teams fast.

It was the second half and the Tigers picked up there act with Lote Tuqiri scoring a double,Beau Ryan scoring one and also Robbie Farah and Chris Lawrence getting there first try. Geff Daniella scoring a hatrick of tries. The Warriors had still stayed at just one try. I imagined that Ivan Cleary the coach got real made with the poor defence the Warriors had. The Tigers were just too good and proved to the Warriors that they are better. It was full time and the final score was 50-6. I was cheering but only quite because I expected more than just a 44 point win. I expected the score like 30 to Tigers and 16 to Warriors.

Ohh well the Tigers have ruled the Warriors at Campbell Sport Stadium in Australia. How will the Warriors react next week. The Tigers did with there embarrassing loss to the Rabbitohs 50-10. Go the TIGGGEEERRRSSS!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Supreme Suprise Hokey Pokey

Have you ever made Hokey Pokey?It is really nice and also makes a nice delight taste in your mouth. It is sweet and not sour and is caramel with a delicious smell.

Mr Hunia dissolved both of the following ingredients,sugar and golden syrup into a pan. He added the final ingredient baking soda which frothed up and formed Hokey Pokey. Before adding the baking soda ,the content looked like liquefied goo which hardened forming molten rock. It is like looking at a rock monster except it is in a pot and is really small.

When Hokey Pokey is scolding hot,it is goey and free flowing. When it becomes cold,it turns into a brittle substance and it is very fragile.(Broken Easily).It looked like broken up pieces of rock.

After waiting for a few moments,the hokey pokey started to cool down and turn brittle.This reminded me of lava being cooled down and hardenening.Mr hunia quickly scraped out the hokey pokey from the pot and transferring it to a baking tray covered with butter.I saw shattered bits resembling.

Speaking of hokey pokey,thinking of it makes me dream of scoria rock being thrown in the sky and out of the volcano's vent.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"My Sister's a Burp" a podcast

My Sister's a Burp" by Gretel Killeen is a podcast I did for KPE with Joshua who is also from Room 17.

The Storm Tragedy

Have you heard about the storms tragedy. They have been paying there good players more money so they wont shift to another team. They have been cheating for FIVE YEARS!!!!!So if you are a Melbourne Storm supporter the good news is that they are still in the competition,the bad news is that there titles have been stripped from them. Hopefully they will not be cheaters next year. The people that are very good in there team are Billy Slater,Greg Inglis,Cameron Smith and Cooper Cronk. They were a good team until people found out that they had been cheaters. Too bad for the Storm

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Active Volcano Movie

I have a movie that talks about when plates cling together it causes a lot of damage. It is about this years theme active earth and if you watch this movie then I hope that you will enjoy it. It has got Volcanoes following with earthquakes and also the destructive tsunamis. So enjoy