Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 Reflection

the week has come. After days and days of waiting,its come to an end.
Its the last week of school,every childs favourite week. But I am going
to miss school,especially all the hard work i did for my school work

theme that was hard but a bit awesome was writing. Looking back at term
1s writing and looking at it now,makes me feel proud. My writing has
really improved from last time and I’m really happy.

next theme is maths, my favourite subject. Each term we have been
learning some thing different,which helps us kids out a lot. Well it has
really helped me out!(I am at the level AM which is a year 7 grade)

has been the most awesome thing to do this year was going to camps.
Especially Camp Bentzon,it was the hardest camp,well for me it was.
Mostly because I came home with scraps and scratches all over me. But
camps help us to learn things that we need to.

think the 2010 year at Pt England school has been pretty cool,to be
honest. Ive enjoyed this year. Lets see what next year has installed for

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Great Time To Bomb

It was the second day of our camp and we had been tremendously tired from our adventures,until the favourite event by far was about to happen happen. The wonderful day of,BOMBING OF THE WHARF AT KAWAU ISLAND!!!It was heaps of fun. All of my friends were laughing but bombing at the same time. Everyone enjoyed the time that they had bombing and swimming. It was like a favourite thing to do.

But now that we have gone back to school,I wish that we had not left in the first place. That place is AWESOME!!!I cannot wait to go back to Kawau Island,well hopefully I do

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thrilling Grand Final

With over 80,000 people in a stadium screaming and chanting the names of the grand finalists, out they came. With seismic roars from the crowd the St George Illawarra Dragons take on the Sydney Roosters in what will be a memoric battle.

BRRR! The kick off was made and the possession went to the Dragons. After a while, the Dragons came out on top as Mark Gasnier perfectly timed his run off Jamie Sowards kick and he had got the Dragons on the board. With Jamie converting the goal beautifully the score was settled at 6-0.

All of a sudden thunder struck at the dragons when Rooster players Braith Anasta and Mitch Orbison scoring for their team. Unfortunately for the roosters Todd Carney was having a bad day missing both goals. So when the half time hooter sounded, the advantage went to the Roosters leaving the score at 8-6

I think that the star so far is Braith Anasta. The Roosters captain has been focusing on the ball and eyes are sharp locking on to the target like a sniper assassin. That is mostly why he scored that try that he got. If he keeps this up the Roosters may have a chance of beating St George.

The second half begins and the Roosters career ends. With in the time limit the Dragons Jason Nightingale scores a double in the corner. Thunder has just struck in the same place and a pumped up Soward converted it all. Then a penalty was awarded to the Dragons from Jared Waera Hargrave jumping into a tackle too late. So yet again Soward converts and the score was 20-8.

It gets worse for the Roosters when Nathien Fien and Dean Young score and in the 70 minute mark. There was no way the Roosters could catch up. Especially with Soward yet again doing his job kicking the goals over. The fulltime hooter sounded with a Dragons victory over the Roosters. Finally after 35 years the Dragons claim the win at the grand final.

What a good season for the Dragons. They came from Just missing out last year to the winners of the grand final. But my most interesting thing was the Roosters and how they made it to the glory. Last year they were the wooden spoon winners(Last Place) and now they are second and missed out by a gun shot. Ohh well that was an impressive victory for the Dragons.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

How Polynesians came to New Zealand

Polynesians came to New Zealand following signs that you will se in the movie. Its all about what polynesians did to survive and what they used to guide them to the place we know as Aotearoa which stands for land of the long white cloud. They say that because a long cloud came over New Zealand.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A painful school run

“Urrgh”I groaned as I slumbered out of bed,waking up to an unpleasant idea”Cross Country.I thought I was going insane. When I had reached the school,I moaned”OhhNoo!!!!I FORGOT MY SICK NOTE””. I just have to man up and do it,but a feeling of pain came over me just thinking about cross country.

Fortunately I looked at the weather thinking it was about to rain. Suddenly a shock of suprise came when I saw everyone in lines dressed in 4 colours of blue,green,yellow and red. So I lined up in my team line Te Arawa and moaned even more when it was going from oldest to youngest.

I was really nervous and apprehended about this race:What if I collap....”before I could finish my sentence,a big clap of thunder from two blocks of wood started the race. I just jogged but seemed to to be coming fourth.Things started geting better until we passed the first tree,then I was dead last,behind everyone.This was a nightmare.I dont want to be known as a slow boy who never tries. That thought kept me motivated.

Out of nowhere I was halfway through the coarse,but out of the 50 competitors I was coming 25th.”Only 25 more competitors to go,until I come first”.I felt like I was Usain Bolt but even faster than him. By the time I passed the 3 quarter mark of the race,I was 4th.So proud of myself I caught up to the top 3 racers.

It was a sprint to the finish. I got past third and second,just one more to beat. Could I make it or not?Just five metres away.Come on you can do it. The crowd went as wild as zoo animals on the loose. Zoom!!.What a finish. Checking it on a slo mo replay,it shows that my foot reached the line before my competitor.

I was happy but also reluctant.By passing the finish line with so much pressure on me, I said”Ohh Noo I forgot I had asthma”.I was choking like a snake wrapped tight around a mans neck.But suddenly I realized I didnt have asthma.By that thought I awoke from my dreams.”Urrghhh!!!!Whats today”.”CROSS COUNTRY NOOOOO!!!!!!.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Israel Folau

Israel Folau is a talented player that is 21 years of age. He used to play for the cheating team that everyone knows as Melbourne Storm,but moved to my former best team the Brisbane Broncos. He also plays for the almighty Queensland. His height is unbelievable for his age. His strength and shear force would be enough to stop a raging bull from running at him. He is centre, which has a jar full of speed and agility. He is one of my favourite players because he always finds a way to get over the try line even if he has to step,swerve and bump his way.

Moving from the Melbourne Storm was a good idea because if he stayed with them for a little bit longer,he would not have been able to compete for the NRL Telstra Premiership for a year. Which would of stunk badly. He is one of the centres that I admire. He is mighty and he is ISRAEL FOLAU!!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Warriors vs Sharks

The Warriors hope to keep their dreams alive as they travel down to Shark Park to challenge the Cronulla Sharks. The Warriors have been on a two week losing streak and wish to regain there win streak. As the crowd goes wild,both teams come out with a fire inside their soul.

BRRRRRR!!!The siren sounded as the kick off was made. Warriors retained the ball and were driving to the try line to get the early lead. It was a mumble jumble for the ball but finally the Warriors had enough,with their great centre Brent Tate scoring from the kick off Maloney to get the Warriors on the board. Warriors 6 Sharks 0.

All of a sudden Nathan Gardner had made a break through the defence line of the Warriors and offloaded to the all mighty Trent Barret to score his first try of the night and conceed the goal. The score level was now tied. Around the 30th minute,the hooker Aaron Heremia stepped his way through Shark Defenders and offloaded to a powered James Maloney who had scored and kicked the conversion.

Then Joel Moon made another break.Out of nowhere the speed of Nathan Gardner kicked in. Joel Moon tried to beat Nathan but failed,which made me go WHAT!!! He should of went forward and gained more metres.When Manu had been given the ball,the ref blew his whistle to an entitled high tackle. Before halftime,James Maloney yet again,kicks the goal to go into half time with the score at 14-6.

James Maloney has been having a great kicking game. Admired by his kicks,I knew he remembered to bring his kicking boots to the field and not leave them at home. By not yet missing a goal,he brought the Warriors a sigh of relief because if he missed,the Sharks could have easily backfired and brought the pressure to the Warriors.

Second Half here we come. With the kick off from the Warriors,the Sharks had finally got the ball and could try to do something. But the Warriors defence was too strong and yet again,scored again with another kick from Maloney into the hands of Sharks winger Blake Ferguson and nearly touching the edge of the finger tips of Manu Vatuvei. The ball almost went over the Sharks dead ball line until Joel Moon reached his hands out and scored. They took the footage to the video referee and it was a benefit of the doubt try.

As you know James kicks it again. Then the Warriors had put more pressure on the Sharks with the passes all the way to the youngster Bill Tupou to score his first International try. James Maloney yet again converting the goal,to make the score 26-6. Then again Bill Tupou scores in the corner and Maloney converts which then made the score 32-6.

Suddenly the Sharks strike back with a thunderous try. The kick was stabbed along the ground. Bill Tupou tried to recover the ball but failed and lead the Sharks winger to score and Trent Barret to miss. I was relieved to see that Barret missed because you never know when someone could come back in a game like this.

Finally Shark fans were cheering for their team as they score in the 60th minute. But after the incident,all bad memories of Bill Tupou dropped,after receiving an intercept pass by Trent Barret which lead the youngster to score a hatrick(three tries). Sadly Maloney had dropped the magic on his boots and missed by a sharp edge. Late in the game with only 2 minutes to go, Maloney regained his magic and retained his teams hope but to kill the Sharks dreams with an on target drop goal.

As the end siren sounded,Warriors supporters and the Warriors were cheering and celebrating from their win over the Sharks. The Sharks at Shark Park in Australia have been Cronullified

Monday, August 9, 2010

Why did we draw Mrs Tele'a??

Our extension class focused on drawing maps except this was no map, it was Mrs Telea. Each one of us had a different perspective(view) of Mrs Tele'a and had to draw her. I guess your wondering why we had to draw her. Well we had to because we were looking at how to draw maps. Also different reference points and not to do distort(change)images.

A lot of us had our own style of drawing Mrs Tele'a. The drawing that people were most definitely sure was the best is Cruz. He has a cool drawing with a different style to his scale. Every ones drawings are yet to be recognized by other people that visit there blogs. We all tried our best at drawing and finally succeeded in our art work. Even if it still remains a mystery to people why we were drawing Mrs Telea it is related to maps and we were trying not to distort images or stories that we draw or tell.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vaka Voyages

This is my movie about how the Polynesians got to New Zealand with all there supplies. For them finding land was a dream come true. Back then they did'nt have maps or little motors hidden in a big ship. All they had was a waka also known as a vaka and people including Navigators. Navigators were like the maps, they look for signs such as birds,stars,sea swells,clouds and the sun.

Josh Dugan

Josh Dugan is one of my favourite fullbacks because of his tremendous speed,agility and power that he has to get over a try line. I like his determination and courage for his team and my best future team the Canberra Raiders. He also plays for the country team which includes good players such as Luke Burt. He was also one of the best U20 players that I have ever seen play.

Josh has a way that just gets him over the line and makes tackle busts and also makes line breaks. I like the way he plays even though the Raiders aren't in the top eight they are still playing good footy. He is a really determined player that I would love to have on my team if I was the coach for the Raiders. He should play in the QLD(Queensland) team which are made up of the best players. Or play for NSW(New South Wales). Well either one even if he does not play for Queensland or New South or any of them he will still be one of the best fullbacks.

Polynesian history

Polynesians from the east were the first to set foot on Aotearoa. They came on single outriggers or double hulls,which were 15-20 meters long. Once they had stepped on Aotearoa they were soon called Maoris.

Trained navigators steered the canoes because they knew to follow the birds in the day, and stars by night to find this new land. They had to travel through the pacific ocean. But only a few people survived the stormy weather and the battling seas, just to find the place as we know it as Aotearoa.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Term 3's new theme Mighty Mariners

When I set foot into assembly I wondered with shock"Is the theme about Pirates fighting Barbarians?". Once assembly had started I soon found out that it was mighty mariners. That got me wondering in no mans land trying to figure out what its about.

Mr Burt had explained it all so that it made sense. It was time for team 1 to steal the show with their movie about a Maori person named Kupe found New Zealand/Aoteroa. I thought the movie was pretty good including the graphics, I thought that they were amazing especially the way they were drawn.

It is time for team 2 to have the spotlight on them(Or should I say two people). One teacher dressed as captain James Cook and the other dressed like a pirate asking for some kind of gold treasure. That was really funny. I liked the part where the pirate or should I say Mrs She was waving her sword madly like a grizzly dog waiting for its meal. So hilarious for me.

Team 3 its your time to shine. I like the way that they came up and still acted to get us warmed up with laughter inside of us and to show a familiar movie but funny one. From Disney channel the Muppets on a pirate ship fighting to save a girly muppet. I thought that it was a good movie

Time for my team 4 to steal the show with there cool act with Mr Funny who I should say Mr Barks came up with a red barbarian beard. I knew that he was going to talk about something funny. Then Ms Squires and all the other teacher came up then gladly bowed down for us to give them claps and cheers.

Its time for Ms Funny(Ms Tito)to take the stage with her wild Australian act. She was talking for ages and ages about herself which was funny and made me laugh. Then she got to the point when she said"Who knows who I am". Instantly people shot there hand into the air like a bullet from a sniper. But Ms Tito could only choose one and she choose Kalim. He answered it correctly and her name was Jessica Watson....... well we just clapped.

I thought that we were going to go but suddenly Mr J the music one came up and we had to sing a little pirate song. We didn't need the words because its only six lines. Once we had finished our yoho pirate song we began to stand up and leave.

I thought that Mighty mariners was going to be a cool term theme.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tarawera reflection(PMI)

Positive:Team work was good and all working together.We have great graphics and were using animations that were fantastic and good enough to go on P.E.N.N. That was our goal. The people that were in my team was Matthew R,Joshua,Erene and me.

Our team worked like Brothers and we really knew what we were doing around at the time on the computer.

Minus:The thing that had bothered me was that we could not do our whole animation because we were to lazy. We had done all of the voice over but not the animation. I reckon that I could of done more than what I had done before.

The thing is that we kept talking to much. We also had to keep changing our script and making heaps of mistakes when we recorded our voice over because we bursted out laughing.

Interesting:The interesting thing was that we hardly did anything with our animation. I personally think that all of us were lazy and that we could do way better than what we have done right now. But at least everyone communicated in our team and we all knew what our members were doing.

I actually was surprised of our animation. But we had actually finished our stuff. But for my personal opinion. Joshua was a worker that worked hard. I would give him an 18/20 because he always works hard and even if he talks to people, he gets the job done

Well that's it for the PMI(Positive,Minus,Interesting) and that's what I think we should of done

Hosea Gear

Hosea Gear. A fabulous player who always busts the line at least one time. once he can see the try line there is no stopping this guy. He will step,swerve,fend or even bump off players twice the size of him or someone around his height.

Hosea Gear is a rugby man who plays for the unstoppable NZ Maori, the destructive force Hurricanes, the tall, almighty Wellington Lions.
He always knows how to score or how to get around players marking him and trying to devastate him in a tackle.

He was really unlucky not to be picked by All Black draft pickers to play in the Investic Tri Nations . Cory Jane and Hosea Gear would of been a great combination of wingers for the All Blacks. They also probably would of been favourites of the Tr Nations if he was in it. I wonder why they didn't pick him? The unstoppable Hosea Gear

Friday, June 25, 2010

Coverage of NZ Maoris VS England

NZ Maoris ran into the field with an exploding roar from the crowd. With Liam Messam leading them onto the field it was the crowds favourite time of the lead off,the HAKA. Hosea Gear lead them through a tremendous, astounding noise which came from the heart of the NZ Maoris.

Once the whistle had sounded the English kicked off hoping to score an early try. They had gained the ball from the ruck and spread it wide. Armitage had scored a try by an amazing kick try. Then Charlie Hodgson converted the try and also kicked a penalty goal because the NZ line was off side,before the 30th minute they were up 10 points to nil.

Then Maoris didn't like what they were seeing so they had to do something. Hosea Gear had put his hand up to run and he had driven his way to the try line to score a try.With Luke MCalister converting a goal the score was now 7-10. But again the English had gotten a penalty and kicked for goal and that made the score 13-7 and another kick for goal which pushed the score up by three more points.Things got better when Liam Messam the captain had scored a brilliant try over in the right hand corner. Shaking there captains hand it was up to Mcalister to get the conversion. But sadly he missed and they went into half time with the score at 12-16.

The leading man the star of the game so far Hosea Gear. After having an interview with players from both team, they ran off the field leaving the English captain Charlie Hodgeson happy. What could the Maoris do to survive.

Both teams are hyped up with the kick off beginning, the Maoris had began to go full force with Hosea gear scoring two more tries and the English skipper Danny Care and wing Chris Ashton scoring. Charlie Hodgson missed one goal and got the other and Luke kicked all his goals over. That made the score 26-28. With english still in the lead Luke had yet again kicked over a penalty goal which took the Maoris up and were in the lead. All of a sudden Stephen Brett was pulled off the field for Willy Ripia and Charlie Hodgson having fallen down with stars above his head. Willy had kicked two penalty goals and that sealed the game.

After a tremendous come back the Maoris win 28-35. The player of the day for me was Hosea Gear and Luke Mcalister because even though injuries have ruined Lukes career,he was a stand out player for me and the old Luke(Which is the bets Luke)has come back breaking the English line a lot of times. And well when you say Hosea Gear you will know that he is a star phenominon and always works his way around or through defenders. That was the game GO MAORIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to this and

Monday, June 21, 2010

Aslis story and Life

Asli is a girl that comes from Somalia and has had a terrible life. If you did not know there is a war going on in Somalia. Its still going on right know. Police are trying to stop this horrible war but every body does'nt listen and fights. It is way to dangerous to even go grab some food to eat. You have to pay people for them to grab food for you and you have to pay more to get back.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

An adventuring camp week

Excitement fell out of my head as I was heading home from school. This was no ordinary week of primary,it was a time where we could stay 2 nights in big,huge set up tents. "We had an amazing camp week" I said to myself with joy
We were travelling by van to make our way to Rock Climbing!!. We were waiting outside for a while until,an employee that works there opened the door for us to go inside. We went to grab our harnesses and sat down quietly waiting for someone to instruct us to what do.

After they told us I went off to the jack and the beanstalk rock climb. I made my way up the beanstalk, putting my hands through the holes in the stalks which was on the side. Finally I got up to the top in a good time of 15 seconds. As I was coming down I said to myself quietly"That was very cool I should go here more often"
When it came to going to the icicle land of ice,Skate land I said to myself''This is going to be a peace of cake". As I happily slipped on my roller skates I had a little try of skating. The results were stink,Stink,STINK. When I reached the ice I fell and landed on my left stomach section. "That was pretty sore"I said to myself

After along time of skating,when I had now got use to it,we played a game of ice limbo. This was a game where it is different to the limbo we play on land. We had to bend down and try to get under the stick. It was my turn,so I skated under and made it with ease. When the stick was put to half way I felt nervous. So much pressure was put on me as I tried to get under But....... I failed,I had knocked over the stick. After that it was time to go.

It was day 2 at camp. We had an early start to the morning by going to Orienteering. Mr J was explaining to us what we had to do then off we went following the compass to where it leads us. We started off at #12 then kept looking at the directional arrow. It lead Carlos and I to one yellow card to another yellow card to another yellow card. We found all the letters at last.

So we sat down and tried to figure out the answer to the orienteering letters. Then Mr J sounded his trumpet and I quickly wrote our answer and rushed inside. My answer was Ok then is it kind,true,necessary. That was the exact right answer but I did'nt get it in the correct order. So that means I got it wrong.
It was day 3 in camp which meant it was the final day. That was sad but in another way I felt joyfully happy. It was our time to go to Swim-orama. First we had swimming races to decide who was going to the inter school swimming contest. When that was done we could go anywhere except for the diving board.

The thing I went on was the hydro slide when it was my first go my friends were letting my go in front of him while other people suggested I was pushing in. But at the end of the day we had to go back to school to get picked up.
That was the end of our camp it was one of the best camps that I have ever been to.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Anthony Minichiello

Anthony Minichiello is one of the best fullbacks and wingers in the whole entire country. He plays for the Sydney Roosters and use to play for NSW. His brother Mark Minichiello is a second rower just like me. He plays in the Gold Coast Titans. He has won awards like the best fullback of the year and the golden boot award. He has been recognized by a lot of people especially me. He is one of my favourite players to watch because of his talented performances every match. Thats why he is one of my favourite wingers. Wait ago Minichiello. Thanks to thiswebsite

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ROW 12 now ended

Hi my name is Matthew and I'm part of ROW(Rock our world).It is a real fun thing and it is a fantasy. If you were in ROW you would definitely like it. The things listed below are the questions and the answers to the things that the teachers ask. I hope you could be in it.

1.What have you done that is good?My Blogging and my animations!

2.What could you do to improve?Make Graphics a lot more better and getting more posts on my blog!

Brick Wall

3.What has held you back?Talking to my partners and will move away from them next time and by helping to bring up more ideas


4.Why do you participate in ROW
1.It Is fun and cool
2.You also get to do cool stuff and have conferences with famous people!
3.Doing real fun stuff and going on garage band
4.Getting to do extra stuff

Monday, May 31, 2010

Sam Burgess

Sam Burgess is the Rabbits as in Rabbitos second rower and is a pretty good one too. I like him because of his ability to bump off people. He use to play for Super League.He is English and he plays for England in the four nations. He looks like he has a big journey ahead of him in league. He is about the right size for a second row. That is also my position that I play in for league and rugby. He looks like a six foot.

Tigers Make A Statement To Warriors

The Tigers proved to the Warriors that they are the supreme team for there match at there home ground Campbell Sport Stadium. I thought it was going to be a challenging match. Its going to start and the favourites for me are the Tigers and not the Warriors.

BRRRRRRRRRR. The whistle sounded and the game started. The first try was scored by the centre Michael Flanagan. The Tigers were in the lead with a score of four to nill.Then the Warriors come back with the first try scorer Joel Moon. Brett Seymour converted and the score came to 4-6. Half time came and the score stayed the same heading into the locker rooms the coaches have to say something to their teams fast.

It was the second half and the Tigers picked up there act with Lote Tuqiri scoring a double,Beau Ryan scoring one and also Robbie Farah and Chris Lawrence getting there first try. Geff Daniella scoring a hatrick of tries. The Warriors had still stayed at just one try. I imagined that Ivan Cleary the coach got real made with the poor defence the Warriors had. The Tigers were just too good and proved to the Warriors that they are better. It was full time and the final score was 50-6. I was cheering but only quite because I expected more than just a 44 point win. I expected the score like 30 to Tigers and 16 to Warriors.

Ohh well the Tigers have ruled the Warriors at Campbell Sport Stadium in Australia. How will the Warriors react next week. The Tigers did with there embarrassing loss to the Rabbitohs 50-10. Go the TIGGGEEERRRSSS!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Supreme Suprise Hokey Pokey

Have you ever made Hokey Pokey?It is really nice and also makes a nice delight taste in your mouth. It is sweet and not sour and is caramel with a delicious smell.

Mr Hunia dissolved both of the following ingredients,sugar and golden syrup into a pan. He added the final ingredient baking soda which frothed up and formed Hokey Pokey. Before adding the baking soda ,the content looked like liquefied goo which hardened forming molten rock. It is like looking at a rock monster except it is in a pot and is really small.

When Hokey Pokey is scolding hot,it is goey and free flowing. When it becomes cold,it turns into a brittle substance and it is very fragile.(Broken Easily).It looked like broken up pieces of rock.

After waiting for a few moments,the hokey pokey started to cool down and turn brittle.This reminded me of lava being cooled down and hardenening.Mr hunia quickly scraped out the hokey pokey from the pot and transferring it to a baking tray covered with butter.I saw shattered bits resembling.

Speaking of hokey pokey,thinking of it makes me dream of scoria rock being thrown in the sky and out of the volcano's vent.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"My Sister's a Burp" a podcast

My Sister's a Burp" by Gretel Killeen is a podcast I did for KPE with Joshua who is also from Room 17.

The Storm Tragedy

Have you heard about the storms tragedy. They have been paying there good players more money so they wont shift to another team. They have been cheating for FIVE YEARS!!!!!So if you are a Melbourne Storm supporter the good news is that they are still in the competition,the bad news is that there titles have been stripped from them. Hopefully they will not be cheaters next year. The people that are very good in there team are Billy Slater,Greg Inglis,Cameron Smith and Cooper Cronk. They were a good team until people found out that they had been cheaters. Too bad for the Storm

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Active Volcano Movie

I have a movie that talks about when plates cling together it causes a lot of damage. It is about this years theme active earth and if you watch this movie then I hope that you will enjoy it. It has got Volcanoes following with earthquakes and also the destructive tsunamis. So enjoy

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yay!!! Hurricanes get another win

The Hurricanes come out victorious after beating those Australian Brumbies beating them by 10 points. It was a devasting match but they managed to win by a score from 23-13. One of the players that i thought stood out in that game was Ma'a Nonu and Hosea gear. They were one of the best players. Go Hurricanes!!!!!!!!! Go on to win. Thanks for the picture to this website

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

South Sydney Rabbitohs

The South Sydney Rabbitohs is now my favourite team for 2010. The have sometimes been committed to winning and make a vow not to lose. Just like last Sunday, they had a tremendous win over last years the runners up for the cup, the Eels. I think that Rabbitohs have a chance to win the NRL Telsra Premieship. They have only lost twice and won the rest of there games. I have hopes for them to win. My favourite players in the Rabbits are Isaac Luke, Roy Asotasi, Rhys Wesser and the great halfback Chris Sandow. The Rabbitohs are the best. GOOOO SOUTH SYDNEY RABBITOHS!!!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Room 17 Young Guns for 2010

ITS MUFTI DAY!!!!! The day when we can dress up in whatever clothes we want. I am looking forward to the sausage sizzle and the disco at lunchtime. I also like the Camp awards coming up at 10:30. Everyone in this picture is my best friend. Don't we look like a cool bunch of kids. We are the ROOM SEVENTEEN YOUNG GUNS FOR TWO THOUSAND AND TEN!!! I am just loving the picture. I know that I will never forget this photo of my best friends. We are BFFs and we are the YOUNG GUNS FOR TWO THOUSAND AND TEN!!! . See you later when I do another post.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Hurricanes

My favourite rebel sport team for this year is the Hurricanes. They were undefeated so far winning three games in a row for this year until they had a depressing loss against the Cheetahs. Then they lost again and again until they had three wins and three loses and now they have more loses than wins now. The thing that inspires me about this team is about there determination. They have a time to use it and a time where they can't put determknation in. Besides all of the bad things I said about the Hurricanes I think that they should go on and win the Rebel Sport Super 14 Finalle. Anyway I hope they do. So now you know who my favourite team for the Super 14 this year is. Bye for now

No Rules in the Olden Days

This is my second animation about historical events. I is about John the sealer and his wife Betty. John tries to pay money to get his wife back. A maori tribe have captured Betty. Back then there was no peace and no rules before the Treaty of Waitangi. Do you think John has enough money? You will see on my animation.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3 Marvellous School Highlights for 2010

I have three highlights for 2010 that have been the best things that I have witnessed. Here it comes this is the highlights I have been through and liked.

The third highlight of school that I liked was meeting the one and only DWAYNE EDWARDS. It was an exciting moment, I mean what lucky people are we to have a conference with a famous Nike shoe designer. You don't see that every day. The day that it happened was on a great,joyful Friday.

My next highlight is making it in to extension. It was great knowing that I had made it in. I was proud of myself but I just got in. If I didn't make it in extension I would not have met Dwayne in a conference. I think that extension is cool and a special class.

But the best thing was going to our school camp. Sleeping in the tents was one of the best things at camp but the best thing was going to rock climbing. I think that I did really good at climbing the rock climbs. When it was time to go I felt stink. At least our camp was fun

Thats all of my highlights and that is what I like see you when I do another post.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Van Gogh

Van Gogh was an artist but when he was still alive,his art wasn't recognized by anyone. He was a poor man when he was alive and only a few people purchased his art work.

He has a brother named Theo and he would sometimes but hardly ever would send him some money and Van Gogh would go to his favourite restaurant to eat.

He made his paintings non realistic but they were very good paintings. His style of painting was to do lines on his marvellous art work. Even though no one liked them.

Once he got so mad that he cut his ear off. He sent it in a shoe box and posted it to his wife. That was gross but the unimaginable thing was that he was still alive. The worst thing is that he had shot himself and 2 days later he had died and committed suicide. The reason he did that was because hardly anyone liked his art. After alot of years people started to recognize his paintings and they would pay heaps of money for it. That was Van Goghs sad life.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Treaty historical event

Do you want to see how maoris get there food ?. Well if you do here is a movie to show you about how they get their food. Hope you enjoy.