Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brown Brother

Brown Brother was a really inspiring poem. The reason why this poem is inspiring is because he is trying to teach the world that brown people can be smart and dont think they're not because of their skin colour. He is trying to say that you can be the first one to change in your family if your family has a reputation for not being smart. Another thing I think he is trying to say is that you cant judge people by the way they look. That is what I think he is trying to say to people around the world.

Bill Maclaren Final South Vs East

It was a cold Monday and it was the first day of the holidays. This was the week I had been waiting for it was my rugby week. Which means we got to play rugby from Monday through to Friday. The Bill Maclaren tournament is about representing where you come from because I come from the East side(thats the team I am playing for)and there was a West ,a Central and a South who have been the reigning champs for 4 years.The position in rugby that I was-was the second five position(a.k.a Sonny Bills Position In The Chiefs)Our first game we were going to play against were the champs South. Our team knew this was going to be a difficult game and we were hoping and praying that we would beat this team.

Once we had finished our training and talks we were lined up with the South team. The ref had told us the rules and so we got set for this fierce rivalry. BRRRR!! the refs whistle went as we kicked off to the South team. There fowards were charging at us like raging bulls and the were nearly unstoppable. But luckily our fowards were safe and secure with their defence. But once they handed it out the backs we could not stop their explosive wingers and first five from scoring. By halftime the score was 31-0. We were getting thrashed so we had to do something about it.

Second half kick off began with an epic hit on our star number 8 Isi Manu. He was down and was struggling to get up but in the end he pulled through his sustained injury and got up. Once our first five Adrian passed it to me I could see a gap so I fended the opposite second five marking me and started accelerating throught the gap. I was in space with only the fullback to beat. I heard Joe screaming “Matty over here”. So I drew the fullback in and passed but unfortunately the ball went flying over Joe’s head and our fullback Steven caught the ball and went to score but got taken out.

At the end of the day the south team had beaten us in the final by a whopping score of 57-7. Butour team just thought to ourselves ohh well and we were just happy that we came second. So once we went to our coaches the players of the day went to our fowards Taiberg and Brandon. So as we went to the prizegiving our team went up and collected our necklaces and held them proudly. Then South went up and collected their necklaces. Then the announcer announced the player of the tournament and that went to the South first five Etene. Once that was finished I went home knowing I tried my best to win.