Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Food Technology

The first time going to tech, I WAS LATE!!!!!! I did’nt know what to do. It was either walk to tech or stay at school but I walked to tech. As soon as I got to Tamaki College, where it was held at I heard chatters of excitement as I entered the cooking class.

As soon as I got into the class I quickly chucked on an apron and jumped into Cruz’s group who had Dominiq and Kaiden as well as Cruz. I asked Cruz quietly”Hey what are we cooking”. He whispered back”Look on the screen” and I saw the word sticky buns so I assumed that’s what we were making. I was hoping we could make something else but there were very few options. That was the only option Sticky Buns.

As soon as all the ingredients were up on the board, we straight away started cooking our sticky buns.I was stuck there with nothing to do. So I helped grab some of Cruz’s stuff. While quickly grabbing all of the ingredients it was just down to melting the butter. That was the only thing left to do but it was so funny. We put the butter in for 30 seconds then SPLAT. The butter flew every where around the microwave as if its been there for 1000 years. We all started laughing.

“Yes” I said as the dough was almost ready to put in the oven. Our sticky buns were almost complete. I could not wait to gobble up those sticky buns, they smelt delicious as they were ready to cook. So we chucked it in the oven. But there’s always a consequence for cooking,DISHES!!!!!Cruz and I were the pack awayers,because we thought it was going to be a piece of cake but we did’nt know what to expect because the pack awayers do more than a washer and dryer combined. So after that we were waiting

An air of excitement broke the silence because the sticky buns were ready. I said”WOW”because they looked like heavenly angels but we had to eat them.”Yum that was delicious” I said loud and proud. I felt like I impersonated a chef the way I cooked, well we cooked.That was a great introductory lesson. I wonder what my secondary experience will be like.

Christchurch Catastrophy

Christchurch’s earthquakes have been unspeakable. Their are people buried in rubble in half demolished buildings. While others are walking around petrified and devastated by this highly horrific waves of earthquakes. This is a catastrophy, what can Christchurch do with terror rising beneath the ground. Buses have been disintergrated and the rest of the state has been pulverised.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My first time on a netbook

I woke up in the morning saying that its time to get my netbook. I was also wondering what class I was in as well. So I got changed into my school uniform for the first time in ages and did all the stuff I usually do in the morning like brush my teeth and all that. For my first time in a long time I was ready to go to school and I was really excited about netbooks.

As soon as I got into my class which was room 20 I wondered to myself"Where is the netbo......". I had to hold that thought because the netbooks arrived. I could not wait to turn it on. So I turned it on straight away and there we go heres my netbook. We had something you call 'explore time' which meant that we could do anything on our netbooks. I decided to play games and I did not stop playing them.

The game I played was Aisle Riot Solitare which was cool even though I did not complete the game. It was fun. At the end of the day when we had to put it away I knews we would still play on it tomorrow. I love this new machine.

My Fantastic Holiday Birthday

RIINNGGG RIINNNGG. Matthew wake up its your birthday today. I jumped up out of my bed in energetic way and got changed fast knowing what today was. I mostly got changed fast because I could take my friends with me and my cousin. I could not wait one second ao I yelled I yelled’Mum hurry up!!!!”

As soon as we got my friends we had to make a little pitstop before we made our way to Rainbows End which lead to Pak’n save. All we went in for was some candy, sweets and some lunch food. We also got some lunch food because grown people do get hungrier when they grow up(I’m talking about me)

As soon as we got to Rainbows end I rushed straight to the Invader. I almost got non until my Mum said Matthew wait for your friends. I shouted in a loud voice “Ok!!!”. So as soon as I waited for my friends and cousin to jump into line, I said to my self”Here we go”. The gate opened and the ride was about to begin

Piles of smoke came out of the invader and loud noises. Those noises were the sound of the invader ready to begin,up and down, up and down the w track and up so very high then the invader comes rushing back down to the ground for a silent hault. I said”That was fun”in a normal voice, so again and again I went on the Invader and all the other rides around including the power surge that was the best.

“LUNCHTIME” my Mum yelled and we raced up to the table, mostly because we were really hungry. There was heaps of food to eat which was very nice. As we were eating we started taking photos of everyone eating, with our mouths stuffed. After we chowed down our food(there was still some more food left)we went on some more rides but the end of the day was coming.

At the end of the day me, Matthew and Colis stayed on the power surge and it was really cool. I was sitting by myself and Matthew and Colis were directly ahead of me. The place I was in was tilting to the left and right and I kept back flipping which was awesome. After one more ride on the power surge all rides shut down and we had to leave.