Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rumpelstiltskin movie

Hi everyone last term I did a movie about Rumpelstiltskin. If you want to watch it again you can.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Immersion Assembly for term 4

In the morning when we first got to school my mind was thinking and said"What is the topic for this term". I did not mind what it was but I know that the staff would make a good one.

The bell for eight fifty rang and everyone went back to class. When we got to the hall.We were the first ones to get there. Then all the other classes came in. 

Mr Burt,Cruz and Sam were cooking chicken wings and sausages. Mr Burt said that they were the BBQ boys and they said"Whoever is being good will get a sausage and if you are the bomb you will get a chicken wings".I said to myself"This terms topic must be about food again".Then after a while he said"The topic for this term is food glorious food

It was time for team ones item. We were wondering what they were doing. Until they said"We are the rock cafe and we rock. They got some sausages from the BBQ and handed out the sausages to people who were sitting up nicely. We had lots of fun.

When team three came up they were very crack up. They were dressed as Mexicans and the were wearing sanbreros and were abot to play a game of whack a pinyata. The game started and Miss Mac'kinaly and Miss Walters were the ones who were whacking the pinyata Miss Lavakula was holding the stick for the pinyata. They stopped hitting the pinyata and just opened the pinyata with their bare hands. Miss Garden said"These children are stronger than you two".

After a while Mr Burt turned on the music and all the  classes started to move out of the hall. This terms topic looks pretty cool.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was of the of the greatest boxers to ever live. Muhammad Ali has been the heavyweight champion three times. Once Muhammad Ali was in jail because the government ordered him to go and fight in the war. But Muhammad Ali refused to go to war and that is why he got chucked in jail. Before he got chucked in to jail he was hardly touched in his professional career. Aftert he got out of jail he started getting hit heaps of times. In nineteen eighty he was challenging some body in Las Vegas when Ali got T.K.Oed. That was when Muhammad Ali was forced to end his career. That is the story of Muhammad Ali

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Woodstocks Fight of the Century Tua vs Cameron

On October 9 I watched the fight of the century. When it was on I was so excited. It was David Tua vs Shane Cameron in a 12 round match. I especially like the build up to the match .

Both contenders got into the ring and  they started to fight. In the first minute It was looking like a very close match but after the second minute David Tua was beating Shane Cameron up. Shane Cameron looked like he was just a punching bag.After the first round Shane Cameron was so tired and did not block that much that David Tua smashed Shane Cameron in the first round. It looked like David Tua was the terminator and pummeled him very good. After their break the came back to fighting it was the second round. It was time to make Shane Cameron devastated with a mean left hook to the cheek. David Tua hit Shane Cameron with a mean left hook and Shane Cameron was down. Lets count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. The bell rang . Here's your new champion David Tua. There was a huge celebration. The crowd was going wild. So the winner was DAVID TUA!!!!! Most boxers are afraid of the Tuamanator David Tua he is invincible and fro his next match He will be challenging a surprise guest. See you then.