Friday, June 29, 2012

My Art Writing

My special place is the field because I have been playing on the football field for seven years in a row. Many times it has brought me great joy when I run down the sideline and score a try. I love the goal post and practising my goal and drop kicking. What I like the best about the field is that after my games on the weekend I get to go home and have a nice hot shower. This is a really special place because I have spent most of my life playing sport on the field. That is why this is the place that I have chosen.
The artist style that I decided to use is Claude Monet. Monet has become famous for his art called ‘Impressionism’. That means that he captures impressions focused on things such as the rising sun. He mostly captures photos in his mind and then paints a picture of it to make a beautiful portrait. That is why I have captured a picture of myself trying to fend someone off. Once I had taken the photo then I painted it in the style of Claude Monet and completed it.

Matthew T

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012

Term 2 Reflection

This term has been a really great term. It has been a good experience because this is going to be the last term 2 that I will participate in as an intermediate block. I cannot wait until I go to college but it is going to be sad because most of my friends are going to different colleges. The good things is that I got to see my friends step up into the spotlight and become school prefects also the job that I signed up to be is still awaited to be announced which is house captains.

I am going to miss this school when I leave and I am sad that I have to leave this school because this is like my home because I have been coming to this school for 8 years. But sadly I have to say goodbye.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Spooky Narritive Writing

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Cruz and a boy named Dakota. They were young. Dakota was 10 years old with short, shaggy, auburn brown coloured hair. Cruz was 7 years old and had long hair with a blondish colour. They lived in a house that was built by their father before he died. After he was gone, the family were left with only a sparse amount of money to live on.

Unfortunately, because they only had a mother to take care of them, they were living below the poverty line. On good days their mother could get odd jobs to buy them food, but on bad days they starved.  Their mother couldn’t take it anymore because she was starving. As sly as a fox, an evil witch approached from the shadows and decided to cast an evil spell on her. The evil witch brainwashed the mother to think that her children could be food.

One day Dakota and Cruz quietly creeped into their mother‘s room and overheard her yelling out her terrible ideas. “Lets run away so she can’t kill us” Cruz whispered. “Ok lets escape fast”  Dakota replied. But their mother overheard them and threatened them. “Quickly, run! yelled Dakota. Dakota and Cruz escaped through the front door and ran through an enchanted forest. Once they looked back they saw a glimpse of their mothers wicked smile. They dashed down the footpath, and reached a gate where they would hide.Their hearts were pumping and they were flashing things in their mind of what their mother might do to them.

The mother (a.k.a. the witch), was just about to cast a spell on them, but luckily Dakota found a rock and regretfully threw it at her forehead. Their mother was knocked out cold. She laid unconscious until she finally awoke. Her memory was erased but she could only remember her children. It was a sad ending but at least their mother wouldn’t plan to eat them ever again. Or would she....................................?