Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Year 5's Spectacular Picnic

On Thursday the year 5's had a very amazing picnic. We had groups and our group was called Jabbawockanators. Don't you think that is a strange name. We had all the food in the class. The food was tempting me to have a bite but luckily I resisted it. Rooms 15,14 and 16 went to the bottom field and we had lots of fun playing the following games that are Midnight,T Ball,Touch and Soccer. It was a really fun day. The first game that I played was touch. When I knew that I was playing touch

I said"Yay that is cool I love this game". The reason that I liked touch was because I am speedy and I can get past people on the outside. We had to get into groups of five. The people that I was with was Miracle,Matthew R,Shawn,Toko and Me. The rules were that if someone scores once you win. We were the first people to play. We played Sifa's team. Suddenly........... the ref who was Jarna's mum said that we could get into teams of ten. I said in a loud voice"Awesome". But then things started to not go right and the ref said"This is too hard just get back into groups of five. I said"Its a celebration wait wait wait what oohhhhh". We played Jarna's team and guess what we LOST. Because they got around the outside. I mumbled in a sad voice"Damn that stinks we lost". We were waiting for our turn and when it was our turn guess what Ms Squires called us up. I said"Wow that is the second bad thing that has happened to me".

They called us back so that we could do another activity. I still wanted to play touch because I like that game. The next activity I went to was T-Ball. I reckon that it would of been cool playing T-Ball. I was the captain of one side and Lewis was the captain of the other side. My side wanted to field first so I went with there suggestion. It was fun. The person that was running the game was Ms Nada. As soon as everyone in the other team had finished batting I thought that it was our turn but we had the rules all mixed up. By the way talking about rules she forgot to tell us what they were. So Ms Nada just said"Switch over" and we did. I was the second person to bat out of my team. I looked in the sky and I imagined in my mind that the blue sky was saying in a cheerful voice"Hit the ball to me". But I ignored my thought and hit it like it was my last chance for life. It went over Nikora's head and slammed to the ground like a sledge hammer hitting it. I ran as fast as I could so that I could get to bass and the result for the run was.......SAFE. I said in my mind a loud cheerful cheer,I said"YEAAAHHH THAT'S RIGHT I MADE IT TO THE FIRST BASS YEAH". Then a huge hit came from Jeyan and off I went. I shot off like a bullet and ran as fast as a man having a showdown with another man but with guns. And guess what I made it to the THIRD BASS. I ran past the second bass because the other team did not regather the ball yet. And the final hit which sent me for a HOME RUN.

After it had finished we got back to our lines and got ready to travel back to class. When we were heading back the sky was as grey as some cats. It looked like it was going to rain so we quickly rushed back to class so that we could miss the rain. Who can guess what is next......... I will tell you it is time to EAT. We got all our food ready on our tables and I said in my mind with a joyful voice"LETS EAT". We all started to eat and our group brought some very delicious food for example e.g Popcorn,Farmbake Cookies,Huge cookies,Pizza Bread and all kinds of other stuff. Everyone was enjoying there lovely,delicious feast. When it was lunch time we had to pack our lovely food away so that we could play. I did not want to play. Miss Squires said"Just take hand fulls". I said"Yeah Awesome". I grabbed a hand full of pop corn then cleaned uyp the table once the food was gone and packed away.

I enjoyed playing and eating at our fun and spectacular picnic. The game that I liked playing was T-Ball and the food that I liked eating was the popcorn. I hope you can go to a picnic and enjoy your one to like the year 5's did.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Roy Jones Jr

This boxer named Roy Jones Jr is one strong boxer. He is an eight time champion and to me he is one of the best boxers because of his styles of boxing. When he gets knocked down he will always try and get back up to his feet. He has been in matches with old boxers like Muhammad Ali and the Overcomer Evander Holyfield also the machine fighting Sonny Liston. He has a big match coming up against the modern favourite Danny Green. Roy Jones Jr has one of the most powerful boxing hands ever known. His skills is unmatchable to Danny Green. I think that he is going to win the fight against Danny Green. He is unstoppable somtimes when he is on fire.