Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One Day Of Fun

One day the teachers decided that it was time to have fun. So the year 7 and 8’s headed down to the bottom field and had a full on hour and a half of joy and excitement. Everyone had fun playing different activities and even some brain teasing events which were hilarious. My two all round highlight reels of the day, one of them was with Ms Tito. The other one was with Mrs Lagitupu.

Ms Lagitupu’s game was ball tiggy but this was a team game.The aim of this challenge was to grab a ball and throw it getting the members of the other team. You are not allowed to run with the ball but you can run to another spot without the ball. You can’t throw it at the person, you have to tag them with the ball. Also you’re not allowed to run out of the area you have to stay within the four cones placed in each corner. We also wore bands to represent our colours and we were red.

With the rules out of the way it was time to play. My strategic plan was to sprint around in a circle that way it would be harder to seal me in a trap. It was working but I got tired, I knew I couldn’t stop. Suddenly they got me in a trap of three people they were about to get me out but I scrambled to one side which got me out of the trap I was nearly encased in. Our team was running and there were three of us in, the rest of the team were out smarted and our team were the victors of the game. We congratulated our foes and headed to the next game.

Ms Titos event was very hard because the aim of this game was to catapult the ball off the sling shot and try get it to land into the hoops. If you got one into the blue hoops you get 20 pts and if you got it in the purple hoop which was the farest you would get 40. If you get it in the pink hoop which was the exceedingly far one of all the hoops you got 50 pts. There was a prize that the class with the most points got to have a water balloon fight

After many people tried so hard to get it they flunked and became a spectator but now I knew I had to step my game up. I schemed an intelligent plan in my head, hoping it would land exactly in the hoop. I wished myself ”Good Luck”.So I catapulted it and....it missed by a mile. Time had passed and it was yet to be conquered and I wondered who won the competition, I knew it certainly wasn't our class

Those were my favourite activities of the day. They were really exciting games and they gave me an adrenaline rush which got me hyped up about it. I cant wait to do something like that again. But maybe we could do something more sporty and different like play bull rush with the tags.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Place Our Term


I love it when the try line is in sight
I love the sound of the crowd going wild
I love the feel of an intense foot race
I love the taste of glory at the end of the game
I love the smell of money that I hope to earn

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What we learned in AFL

What room 20 learned in AFL today was how to catch AFL style. We learned three new techniques of catching. The first catch we learned was the chest mark where you join your arms together and scoop up the ball. The second was the high mark where you put your hands up high and make a W shape with your thumbs touching each other. The third catch we learnt was the specky and that was short for spectacular catch. How to perform the specky is easy, first you jump up in to the air doing a springbok with one knee and hold out your arms to catch it(like picture to the right).
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