Thursday, September 24, 2009

My top 5 favourite Dragon Ball Z people

The person that I like most ni Dragon Ball Z is the one and only Broly the legendary super saiyan. The next person that I like is also strong he is GOKU!!. The third person that I like is Super saiyan 13. The forth person that I like is the son of Vegeta Super Trunks and finally the last person that I like is someone is also strong but not my favourite person he is the indestructive force he is FRREEEEZZZAAA in his final form

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bryan Habana

My favourite player in Rugby is Bryan Habana. He is one of the fastest palyers in the rugby history. He has scored 35 tries out of his own career. He is the fastest out of my favourite team in the Tri Nations the Springboks. Bryan Habana has played many games through out his career. He has scored osme of the best tries. He has got a try by intercept,run and kick off. He also plays for this years winners of the super 14 the Bulls. He scored two tries in the game against the Chiefs. Bryan Habana's position in the Sprinboks is wing and in the Bulls his position is also wing. He is the one and only BRYAN HABBAANNAA!!!!! 

My best team in the Tri Nations

My favourite team in the Tri Nations is the Springboks. They are the top team ni the Tri Nations so far because they have only lost once. They have lost to the Wallabies at the Wallabies home ground. They have never been defeated by the All Blacks. They are the favourites to win the Cup. If the Springboks beat the All Blacks this weekend the mighty Springboks will become the BLENISLOW CUP CHAMPIONS!!!!!! but if the Springboks lose they do not win the Blenislow Cup. They are the best team in the Tri Nations. The South African team will win they are the mighty SPRING BOKKKSSSSS!!!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cross country

When I was getting ready to stand up everyone was already up and going to the start line. I was anxiously awaiting for the race to start. As I was saying to myself "I can do it" I heard a voice say"On your marks,get set"and BANG!! the clapper sounded. All the racers were powering ahead but Sampson and I were ahead of the other racers. We were jostling for position. I just got ahead of him and I was ahead.

Then I started to lack energy and people were getting past me. Then I started losing my position. By the time I had reached Ms Tito many about six people were in front of me. I started to lack some more energy and people that were behind me were catching up. But I said to myself"Even though the people that are in front of you are well and truly ahead of you do not give up and keep trying" so I did not give up I kept going. I had just gone past the gate and nearly finished the race.

I felt like I was going to pass out while I was running but did'nt I kept running. I said to myself"Run like the wind Matthew because you sre almost there".I listened to myself and got past ther finish line. I was so tired that I did not want to walk anymore.

The Cross country was cool this term. I can't wait for the next cross country.

My favourite team for 2009

My favourite team in league for 2009 is the Dragons. The full name is St George Illawarra. One of the best players that I like in their team is Ben Hornby,Jamie Soward and Wendell Sailor. They are all very good players. They are on the top. Even though the Dragons did lose to the Paramata eels I still like them. The Dragons are not out of the competition yet because they are on the top and the top team gets two chances. The Dragons have won against heaps of people and they deserve to be on the top. They are one of the best teams in the NRL. I hope they win the Telstra Premiership. Anyway if they don't win  the Dragons have already got the minor premiership. The Dragons are who I like. They are th ST GEORGE DRAGONS ILLAWARRAAAA

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Daniel Carter

A person in the All Blacks that I like is Daniel Carter. He is one of the best drop goalers. I like him because he has good kicking abilitys. He also plays in the teams Canterbury and the Crusaders. Dan Carter has been playing in the All Blacks for many years now and he has played for the Crusaders and Canterbury for a while aswell. He is the man. He is DANIEL CARTER!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shane Cameron

Another person that I like in boxing is Shane Cameron. He has to defeat the Tuaminator on October the 3rd. He has won the heavy weight championship a couple of times. He has defeated heaps of people. He has beat them knockout and by decision. He might be stronger than the champ David Tua only if he can knock him out or win by a decision.  He has been boxing like a champ lately. Shane Cameron is a young champion. He looks like he is in his 30's . He is SHANE CAMERON!!

Jin Kazama

My favourite person in Tekken is Jin Kazama. He is the son of Kazuya Mishima. I like hiom because of his moves. They are really strong. He will one day be over come by devil jinpachi and he will be named Devil Jin. Jin is one of the best people in Tekken. His grandfather is Hehachi Mishima because that is who Kazuyas Dad is. He is very powerful when he turns into Devil Jin. That form is one of the strongest forms in Tekken. He is JIN KAAAAZZZAAMA!!!

David Tua

My favourite person in boxing is David Tua. He is really good at boxing. He has stood up to mostly everyone who got in his way. He has a huge match coming up. He has to beat the young Shane Cameron. Everyone calls that match the fight of the century. He sometimes mocks people. He is one of the strongest heavyweight competitors. He has held the heavyweight championship many times. He has a nickname called the Tuaminator. He is a samoan and he is DAVID TUUAAAAAA!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Super Vegeta

A person I like in Dragon Ball Z is Vegeta in a form that is called Super Vegeta. THat si my favourite form of Vegeta. He is very staunch and strong and he looks really bolky. Super Vegeta might be as strong as Goku's normal form. He has a son called Trunks. Trunks can evolve into Super Trunks like Vegeta. Vegeta has a wife that's name is Bulma. She has a really funny name. Super Vegeta is one of the best people I like. HE IS SUPER VEGETA!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My blog Wordle

On Wednesday at extension Ms Burt taught us how to use Wordle. It is very cool to learn about this.  As you can see I have already made one Wordle. The word that I used the most was Shadow, the next one is Goku and Broly. I like both Goku and Broly. (You should click on the word Wordle above so you can try and create your own Wordle).