Monday, February 9, 2009

My birthday

On my birthday we went bowling with my sister and Tim but first we picked up my friend Lepa.When we got there I was exited.After bowling we went to laser strike.Lepa won the bowling but not by much.When we went to laser strike I had trouble getting the suit on.In the end I put it on.When we went into laser strike.It was as dark as a cave.It felt really cool even though I did not win.I played hard but Tim won laser strike.I said"what happened to my luck".Then we went home and had some salad sandwiches for lunch.Then we went to West Wave.We got to go on the hydroslide.But we had to walk up heaps of steps.Then we went to the pool.It was nice and warm.There were waves but you had to wait for ages.there was a slide that was 5 feet tall.I climbed up.Finally I got up.When I looked down it looked scary.When I slid down the slide I felt like my skin was going to fall off.We stayed there for four hours.After it was time to go home.I had fun at my birthday.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome to Room 15 from Ms Squires

Hi Matthew, welcome to Room 15 and your new blog. This is your own place to share your stories, poems and thoughts about different topics. You will be able to also post any podcasts or videos you make and any of your e-learning tasks you complete throughout the year. Don't forget to let all your family know so they can see what you have been up to and can leave you comments.
Happy Blogging!!