Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lepa's Birthday

On May the 16th at 6 o clock I went to Lepa's birthday.We had to bring 10 dollars. Jonty came but Jeyan and Shawn were not there.Lepa,Starford,Jonty and I went upstairs and played ghost recon on the x box 360.

Lepa and Starford started playing first.Lepa died first and handed the controll over to Jonty.Then Lepa said 'Lets go see Shawn'.So we asked if we could go to Shawn's house.Lepa's Mum said yes.BJ 'Lepa's little brother' wanted to come too but he could not find his shoes.So I piggie banked him.We walked to Shawn's.When we got to Shawn's house his Mum said that he was at his Dad's.But she gave us his Dad's Number and then we went home.While we were walking a man told us to go home.So he went inside and Lepa shouted 'YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME'and we ran as fast as we could back to Lepa's house.When we got there I was tired like an Olympic runner running for 300 metres.Lepa gave the phone number to his Mum and she rang Shawn's Dad.We went upstairs and Starford and Jonty were still playing ghost recon.Lepa and I started playing the game.Then Lepa's Mum said that Shawn can come.But while we were waiting we went to see if Jeyan was home.We went in the car.

We were at Jeyan's house but the lights were turned off and we turned around.Lepa said'That's stink that Jeyan is not home'.So we went back home.Lepa and I called everyone upstairs to come downstairs so that we could have a snack.On the table was cookies,pizza,sausage rolls and cake but we had to wait until Shawn came so that he could have some too.After 10 minutes Shawn came.I said'Yay'.We were allowed to have cake.It was a chocolate cake.When I first bit into the cake it was so delicious.We put our cake into the fridge because we were full.So we went to tenpin bowling.I was excited.I had 2 dollar's to spend at the arcade.I spent my money on Time Crisis 4.While the others were getting their shoes on I finally died.It was my turn to bowl.I was frustrated.When I bowled I did my best.But I only knocked 5 pins down.I said'I stink'but I still tried my best.Then I only knocked down 2 pins.I said'ohh'.I went to the arcade and I pretended that I was on the motorbike and I was driving it.It was Lepa's turn to bowl.So I hopped off and I watched Lepa's bowl.After that bowl he was winning.I was third.After a while we had 3 bowls left.The time had gone fast like a lightyear.Jonty had got 4 spares in a row and he was winning.But Nesha(Lepa's big sister)was in the lead when she got a strike.I was 5th now.Lepa was coming last.We only had one more bowl.When I did my last bowl and I got 8 pins down but the problem was that it was a split.I was annoyed because if it was not a split I had a chance to have a spare.When Starford bowled the game was over.Nesha came 1st,Jonty came 2nd,Shawn came 3rd,Starford came 4th,I came 5th and Lepa came last

After that we played laser strike.That was the best thing that I wanted to do.Shawn,Jonty,Lepa,Starford and I went to play laser strike.But first we had to watch this movie about how to play lazer strike.I was the colour orange for the game.I felt very cold.When I was running I ran into the smoke and I started coughing like mad. As I was coughing someone shot me from behind. When I turned around it was Shawn. When I ran away, I ran like a bullet being fired. I really enjoyed the laser strike. We all got a piece of paper for our points and I won that round. I had two thousand points which made me a wizard.

Back at Lepa's house we grabbed the cake from the fridge and ate it upstairs in Lepa's room. We told funny stories. We told your momma jokes. Jonty came up with the funniest jokes. We were having a great time.We borrowed the lamp from Nesha and when we turned the lamp on,Lepa looked at it and it broke.We started laughing when it broke.After a while we went into our beds and told scary stories.Starford told some scary stories.He told baby boy and drip drop.They were pretty scary stories.After that we went to bed.It was a cool as birthday that I enjoyed.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rugby League Game for Otahuhu Leopards

On one shivery Saturday morning at 10 o clock we played against Manurewa at Mt Richmond Domain. I was early and some other people were too and they were practising their kicking.
I like challenging Manurewa because they are hard.

When I got down to my team mates the coach (my Dad) came and we had to train. It looked like it was going to pour down until the sun came out. We had to practise our passing drills. Finally the ref called us for the game. I was excited. I could not wait to start playing.
We got to receive the ball. The prop caught the ball and started running as fast as a bull trying to get a cowboy man off his back. Then they passed the ball to me. I started to run fast and I stepped the opposition and I made a gap for me to score a brilliant try. The crowd was cheering for me to get the try and I went through a small gap and scored a try. Some of my team mates said, 'Nice try', or 'Good going'.
Then we got ready for Manurewa to kick off. When they kicked off I caught it .I stepped the fullback and bumped off the wing and I sprinted my way to the try line but someone ankle tapped me. The ref said that I was held. I said 'What'. So I played the ball and George scored a try. He is in our team. I said 'We are wasting Manurewa'. Then the ref called for half time.

It was 20 minutes left. My Dad told us to keep up the defence. He told us that we are a better team than what we are playing on the field. So we did our cheer that my team always does at half time and full time. I asked if I could come off and I was allowed.
Then Maloni and I were telling stories about how we felt about the game . My Dad called my name and took Freedom off and I was on until the game ended.When I went on Manurewa had already scored 2 tries. We kicked off then Daniel scored a try and Ayrton made the conversion. We were winning. But the pressure was still on. I got the ball and I was close yet again. Someone on the sideline said that there was only 5 minutes till the gamewas over. So Freedom came on and he scored a try. Then Kehua got the conversion. The ref called for full time.

But I did not get player of the day. Fredom and Maloni got the player of the day. But my Dad said that I was the third player of the day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Assembly of term 2 for 2009

After the bell for quarter to 9 rang.Pt England students had to line up for the first assembly of term 2.I wondered what we were studying about this term.

When we went into the hall I saw teachers dressed in dinosaur costumes.Mr Burt was dressed up like a cave man and his name was cracker.Mr Jacobson was dressed as a Super Pteradactyl Man.We are studying about dinosaurs.Mr Burt showed us team 1s item movie.The whole school thought that team 1s movie was dry.When they finished it was team 2s turn.They did a rap about dinosaurs and they were the best that I saw so far.So after their performance it was team 3's turn.They showed a movie about dinosaurs and team 3 pretended to look for dinosaur bones.On the dinosaur movie it had some jurrasic park bits in it.It was team 4's turn.On the movie it showed the teachers reading a book.They were so bored of reading books that they fell asleep and dreamed about being in dinosaur time.When they were finished we watched the E-learning team.They made up a rap to do with team 2.It was a crack up.After their performance we went back to class.

It is going to be a cool dino-might term.