Friday, March 25, 2011

One little video clip

We have been working on a little video clip to set an example for young kids about how to use the Pt England way. It shows how our school is respectful to everyone and plays sensible games. To do that they always listen carefully to teachers and walk sensibly in a straight line which is also using the Pt England way and listening to our weekly talks with our principle. So I hope you enjoy the movie that I have made.


Coming to school with my eyes almost completley shut I walked to school not seeing where I was going I headed to the hall for our year 7 and 8 camp. With everyone wandering around and all the bags in the hall I quickly threw my things to the ground and walked around looking for my friends. I was,until it was time to go to the hall.

“Lets have some fun” were the last words that came from Mr Burt. We sprung up but went to go to the Hangi Prep in the street. So we had to peel potatoes and wash them while also doing the same with the kumara. It was hard peeling the kumara until we finally got the hang of it. Peel after peel,Cut after cut we had finally finished and it was time to move to the next destination. I said quietly in my mind”Yes we’re finally finished”.

After all our activities we were the last to put up our tents. All that hard work was for something, we got to have a swim at the pools. It wasn’t for long but it was still relaxing. We finally got their and other teams were still in the pool as we headed towards the changing rooms to get changed. I really wanted to bomb but sadly we were’nt aloud to so I just jumped in and played a game where people had to catch and throw the tennis ball and I was catching it heaps of times. But all that fun made the time pass by real fast and soon we had to hop out and go back to school. When we got back then we had to have dinner and watch a movie. After that it was lights out and we had to go to sleep.

Day 2 of the camp!!!! It was just about to blast with the Rock up people having about 7 activities set up for us. As soon as we could go I knew that my favourite activity was going to be the Dunker. It looked really exciting and plus no’one had to really wait long. I found out that it was the FIRST activity that we were doing.AWESOME!!!! It was our turn to protect the people about to fall into the icy cold water. I was waiting anxiously for someone to throw the ball. Bang!!,the target was hit and someone fell into the water. After protecting and throwing and it was time to get dunked. Ball after ball, it was my turn to get dunked. I got anxious awaiting my drop. Next thing I know I had finally got dunked. It was really fun and I enjoyed that time but yet again the time passed by. When it was near night it was yet again lights out.

Swimarama was where we were going today. It was really exciting knowing that we were going to have a lot of fun. My highlight there was the Diving pool!!!! It was real awesome bombing off and also watching other people do high bombs. The hydroslide was another event that excited me because every time I went down the slide I would run and jump onto it. But when we first got their we had to do swimming relays. It took ages for it to finish Swimarama was fun and I can’t wait to go next year.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Canberra Raiders

The Canberra Raiders are an upcoming team with stars that shine so bright that Canberra demolish the teams that think they can out shine my team. They have future stars such as Josh Dugan and Blake Ferguson and the playmaking tanks Terry Campese, Jarrod Crocker and Matt Orford. And the bulldozing winger Daniel Vidot.

They play with style and last year they were the only ones who were undefeated against the Dragons who were the Rugby League Comp Winners. They pulverise in their tackles, they attack like tanks when they run and they boot the ball as if they had a robotic leg. The Raiders are a complete side with lots of agility like Daniel Vidot, toughness like Shaun Fenson and speed like Josh Dugan.

I personally think this upcoming side can win the premiership if they continue their winning streak which started with the Sharks. What a game for the Raiders crunching the Sharks up 40-12. Hopefully the raiders can come out on top. Lets do it!!!!!!

Statistics Pie Graph

One day our teacher came up with an idea to make a pie graph of favourite movies,drinks and games. But as you can see here I have done one about peoples favourite music!!!!!

It was quiet hard figuring out what to do at first but after we got the hang of it. It was fun wondering what to do well for me it was. If you want to find out how to make a pie graph follow these instruction.

1.First we made a new sheet.
2.Then we simply added how many people like which event
3.Now on the top right hand corner there should be a picture of a graph, click on it
4.Then just wait until the pie graph picture comes up and click insert
Thats how to make it.

How to pitch a tent

A list of equipment!!!
1. Unpack the Essential tent equipment which includes hammers, pegs, guy ropes and fibre glass poles which will make the structure of the tent!!!

1.Well the first step is to pull out all of the equipment that you need to build it!!!
2. ?Then unfold the base and frame of the tent flat onto the ground and you need to insure that the entrance to the tent is the right way
3.Then put in the metal pegs at a 45 degree angle and hammer the pegs down hard in to the ground!!!
4. Then with your hands get out the fibre glass put them in to the ground and slightly bend them and tie a bow onto it!!!
5.Then put the fly on top of the tent so that it can maintain its stability of its structure during high winds in the night!!!
6. And that is how you build a tent.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Camp TC Highlight

My highlight for Camp TC was the Water Dunker when the rock up people came. It was awesome and lots of people enjoyed themselves on it. It was cool either if you were throwing,protecting the person about to be dunked or being dunked yourself it was always cool.

I like this activity because even though there was heaps to choose from the Dunker stood out. I like it because 3 teams went to each activity but everyone got a lot of goes on the Dunker. We did not really have to wait for a real long time and that’s one reason that it was cool.