Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tarawera reflection(PMI)

Positive:Team work was good and all working together.We have great graphics and were using animations that were fantastic and good enough to go on P.E.N.N. That was our goal. The people that were in my team was Matthew R,Joshua,Erene and me.

Our team worked like Brothers and we really knew what we were doing around at the time on the computer.

Minus:The thing that had bothered me was that we could not do our whole animation because we were to lazy. We had done all of the voice over but not the animation. I reckon that I could of done more than what I had done before.

The thing is that we kept talking to much. We also had to keep changing our script and making heaps of mistakes when we recorded our voice over because we bursted out laughing.

Interesting:The interesting thing was that we hardly did anything with our animation. I personally think that all of us were lazy and that we could do way better than what we have done right now. But at least everyone communicated in our team and we all knew what our members were doing.

I actually was surprised of our animation. But we had actually finished our stuff. But for my personal opinion. Joshua was a worker that worked hard. I would give him an 18/20 because he always works hard and even if he talks to people, he gets the job done

Well that's it for the PMI(Positive,Minus,Interesting) and that's what I think we should of done

Hosea Gear

Hosea Gear. A fabulous player who always busts the line at least one time. once he can see the try line there is no stopping this guy. He will step,swerve,fend or even bump off players twice the size of him or someone around his height.

Hosea Gear is a rugby man who plays for the unstoppable NZ Maori, the destructive force Hurricanes, the tall, almighty Wellington Lions.
He always knows how to score or how to get around players marking him and trying to devastate him in a tackle.

He was really unlucky not to be picked by All Black draft pickers to play in the Investic Tri Nations . Cory Jane and Hosea Gear would of been a great combination of wingers for the All Blacks. They also probably would of been favourites of the Tr Nations if he was in it. I wonder why they didn't pick him? The unstoppable Hosea Gear

Friday, June 25, 2010

Coverage of NZ Maoris VS England

NZ Maoris ran into the field with an exploding roar from the crowd. With Liam Messam leading them onto the field it was the crowds favourite time of the lead off,the HAKA. Hosea Gear lead them through a tremendous, astounding noise which came from the heart of the NZ Maoris.

Once the whistle had sounded the English kicked off hoping to score an early try. They had gained the ball from the ruck and spread it wide. Armitage had scored a try by an amazing kick try. Then Charlie Hodgson converted the try and also kicked a penalty goal because the NZ line was off side,before the 30th minute they were up 10 points to nil.

Then Maoris didn't like what they were seeing so they had to do something. Hosea Gear had put his hand up to run and he had driven his way to the try line to score a try.With Luke MCalister converting a goal the score was now 7-10. But again the English had gotten a penalty and kicked for goal and that made the score 13-7 and another kick for goal which pushed the score up by three more points.Things got better when Liam Messam the captain had scored a brilliant try over in the right hand corner. Shaking there captains hand it was up to Mcalister to get the conversion. But sadly he missed and they went into half time with the score at 12-16.

The leading man the star of the game so far Hosea Gear. After having an interview with players from both team, they ran off the field leaving the English captain Charlie Hodgeson happy. What could the Maoris do to survive.

Both teams are hyped up with the kick off beginning, the Maoris had began to go full force with Hosea gear scoring two more tries and the English skipper Danny Care and wing Chris Ashton scoring. Charlie Hodgson missed one goal and got the other and Luke kicked all his goals over. That made the score 26-28. With english still in the lead Luke had yet again kicked over a penalty goal which took the Maoris up and were in the lead. All of a sudden Stephen Brett was pulled off the field for Willy Ripia and Charlie Hodgson having fallen down with stars above his head. Willy had kicked two penalty goals and that sealed the game.

After a tremendous come back the Maoris win 28-35. The player of the day for me was Hosea Gear and Luke Mcalister because even though injuries have ruined Lukes career,he was a stand out player for me and the old Luke(Which is the bets Luke)has come back breaking the English line a lot of times. And well when you say Hosea Gear you will know that he is a star phenominon and always works his way around or through defenders. That was the game GO MAORIS!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Aslis story and Life

Asli is a girl that comes from Somalia and has had a terrible life. If you did not know there is a war going on in Somalia. Its still going on right know. Police are trying to stop this horrible war but every body does'nt listen and fights. It is way to dangerous to even go grab some food to eat. You have to pay people for them to grab food for you and you have to pay more to get back.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

An adventuring camp week

Excitement fell out of my head as I was heading home from school. This was no ordinary week of primary,it was a time where we could stay 2 nights in big,huge set up tents. "We had an amazing camp week" I said to myself with joy
We were travelling by van to make our way to Rock Climbing!!. We were waiting outside for a while until,an employee that works there opened the door for us to go inside. We went to grab our harnesses and sat down quietly waiting for someone to instruct us to what do.

After they told us I went off to the jack and the beanstalk rock climb. I made my way up the beanstalk, putting my hands through the holes in the stalks which was on the side. Finally I got up to the top in a good time of 15 seconds. As I was coming down I said to myself quietly"That was very cool I should go here more often"
When it came to going to the icicle land of ice,Skate land I said to myself''This is going to be a peace of cake". As I happily slipped on my roller skates I had a little try of skating. The results were stink,Stink,STINK. When I reached the ice I fell and landed on my left stomach section. "That was pretty sore"I said to myself

After along time of skating,when I had now got use to it,we played a game of ice limbo. This was a game where it is different to the limbo we play on land. We had to bend down and try to get under the stick. It was my turn,so I skated under and made it with ease. When the stick was put to half way I felt nervous. So much pressure was put on me as I tried to get under But....... I failed,I had knocked over the stick. After that it was time to go.

It was day 2 at camp. We had an early start to the morning by going to Orienteering. Mr J was explaining to us what we had to do then off we went following the compass to where it leads us. We started off at #12 then kept looking at the directional arrow. It lead Carlos and I to one yellow card to another yellow card to another yellow card. We found all the letters at last.

So we sat down and tried to figure out the answer to the orienteering letters. Then Mr J sounded his trumpet and I quickly wrote our answer and rushed inside. My answer was Ok then is it kind,true,necessary. That was the exact right answer but I did'nt get it in the correct order. So that means I got it wrong.
It was day 3 in camp which meant it was the final day. That was sad but in another way I felt joyfully happy. It was our time to go to Swim-orama. First we had swimming races to decide who was going to the inter school swimming contest. When that was done we could go anywhere except for the diving board.

The thing I went on was the hydro slide when it was my first go my friends were letting my go in front of him while other people suggested I was pushing in. But at the end of the day we had to go back to school to get picked up.
That was the end of our camp it was one of the best camps that I have ever been to.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Anthony Minichiello

Anthony Minichiello is one of the best fullbacks and wingers in the whole entire country. He plays for the Sydney Roosters and use to play for NSW. His brother Mark Minichiello is a second rower just like me. He plays in the Gold Coast Titans. He has won awards like the best fullback of the year and the golden boot award. He has been recognized by a lot of people especially me. He is one of my favourite players to watch because of his talented performances every match. Thats why he is one of my favourite wingers. Wait ago Minichiello. Thanks to thiswebsite

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ROW 12 now ended

Hi my name is Matthew and I'm part of ROW(Rock our world).It is a real fun thing and it is a fantasy. If you were in ROW you would definitely like it. The things listed below are the questions and the answers to the things that the teachers ask. I hope you could be in it.

1.What have you done that is good?My Blogging and my animations!

2.What could you do to improve?Make Graphics a lot more better and getting more posts on my blog!

Brick Wall

3.What has held you back?Talking to my partners and will move away from them next time and by helping to bring up more ideas


4.Why do you participate in ROW
1.It Is fun and cool
2.You also get to do cool stuff and have conferences with famous people!
3.Doing real fun stuff and going on garage band
4.Getting to do extra stuff