Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Hurricanes

My favourite rebel sport team for this year is the Hurricanes. They were undefeated so far winning three games in a row for this year until they had a depressing loss against the Cheetahs. Then they lost again and again until they had three wins and three loses and now they have more loses than wins now. The thing that inspires me about this team is about there determination. They have a time to use it and a time where they can't put determknation in. Besides all of the bad things I said about the Hurricanes I think that they should go on and win the Rebel Sport Super 14 Finalle. Anyway I hope they do. So now you know who my favourite team for the Super 14 this year is. Bye for now

No Rules in the Olden Days

This is my second animation about historical events. I is about John the sealer and his wife Betty. John tries to pay money to get his wife back. A maori tribe have captured Betty. Back then there was no peace and no rules before the Treaty of Waitangi. Do you think John has enough money? You will see on my animation.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3 Marvellous School Highlights for 2010

I have three highlights for 2010 that have been the best things that I have witnessed. Here it comes this is the highlights I have been through and liked.

The third highlight of school that I liked was meeting the one and only DWAYNE EDWARDS. It was an exciting moment, I mean what lucky people are we to have a conference with a famous Nike shoe designer. You don't see that every day. The day that it happened was on a great,joyful Friday.

My next highlight is making it in to extension. It was great knowing that I had made it in. I was proud of myself but I just got in. If I didn't make it in extension I would not have met Dwayne in a conference. I think that extension is cool and a special class.

But the best thing was going to our school camp. Sleeping in the tents was one of the best things at camp but the best thing was going to rock climbing. I think that I did really good at climbing the rock climbs. When it was time to go I felt stink. At least our camp was fun

Thats all of my highlights and that is what I like see you when I do another post.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Van Gogh

Van Gogh was an artist but when he was still alive,his art wasn't recognized by anyone. He was a poor man when he was alive and only a few people purchased his art work.

He has a brother named Theo and he would sometimes but hardly ever would send him some money and Van Gogh would go to his favourite restaurant to eat.

He made his paintings non realistic but they were very good paintings. His style of painting was to do lines on his marvellous art work. Even though no one liked them.

Once he got so mad that he cut his ear off. He sent it in a shoe box and posted it to his wife. That was gross but the unimaginable thing was that he was still alive. The worst thing is that he had shot himself and 2 days later he had died and committed suicide. The reason he did that was because hardly anyone liked his art. After alot of years people started to recognize his paintings and they would pay heaps of money for it. That was Van Goghs sad life.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Treaty historical event

Do you want to see how maoris get there food ?. Well if you do here is a movie to show you about how they get their food. Hope you enjoy.