Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Immersion Assembly of Term 3

On Monday when I walked into the hall I could see people dressed in fairytale costumes. I saw Mr Palmer dressed up in a Shrek costume and I could see Ms Squires dressed as the Pied piper. She was holding a stink,hairy rat.

It was ourn Immersion assembly for term 3.As soon as it started with our school gathered in the hall Mr Burt was dressed in some fancy clothes. He was a prince and he was calling out'Where is my princess' because he wanted to marry her. He was holding the glass slipper of the princess.

Every single teacher was coming up to tell us clues about who they were. But when Mrs Tele'a came up she gave us a challenge. She said that we had to talk to her lovley magic camera to tell her why she was holding an apple,a mirror and a heart. When I saw Ms Tito in her costume witch was the ginger bread man costume I did not recognize who that teacher was. I was guessing for ages in my mind then I realized it was a new teacher. Just then I saw Miss Garden dressed as Cinderella and she was wearing a flouncy frilly dress that had a flowing train. She had a photo of Brad Pitt on a broomstick. Cinderella also had ugly sisters and they were fighting over the picture of Brad Pitt. Then as they were fighting Cinderella let the two sisters fight over the picture of Brad Pitt and went with the prince Mr Burt.

This is going to be a cool term. The topic for this term is The art in story telling.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dinosaur Information Report

The name of the dinosaur I am studying is the Tyrannosaurus-Rex. The short name is T-Rex. The T-Rex is a bipedal carnivore and its order is saurischia lizard hipped. The name T-Rex means tyrannt-lizard. The T-Rex lived in the Late Cretaceous about 70 million years ago and the countries it was located in was North America and Asia and Mongolia. The length of the T-Rex is 12 metres long that is also 40 feet long and the T-Rex weighed 8 tonnes or you could say 8 tons.


The T-Rex is a meat eater so that means it eats meat. It would mostly eat Hadrosaurs. The T-Rex would wait until the Hadrosaurs gathered in a group and then it would eat the flesh out of the Hadrosaurs. It was one of the deadliest meat eaters out of the dinosaur history. T -Rex was known by every dinosaur. It was so vicious when it came to eating another dinosaur. It would mostly eat the flesh and bones.


The T-Rex was located in North America Asia and Mongolia. It would live on dry land or it would live by water or swamps. The T-Rex would travel to other countries though but it was mostly found in the countries North America Asia and Mongolia.


All the dinosaurs were extinct from a meteorite. Well that is what scientists say. Some other scientists say that they were extinct from a bad disease that spread across the world or they got extinct from a dinosaur that was sick and the dinosaur that was sick would spread it's germs to other dinodaurs and they get infected and all the dinosaurs fell to the ground and they were extinct. But I think that a meteorite hit the Earth and spread dust all over the Earth. That is how I think the dinosaurs were extinct.